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Olympia 730 Touch Screen Gloves – Review

Olympia 730 Touch Screen Gloves

Touchscreen-friendly gloves are becoming more common in the motorcycle retail market. The problem is that most of those gloves have an entire fingertip encased with touchscreen material. Trying to navigate a smartphone or GPS with that mass of material can be like trying to play piano with your elbows—more than a little clumsy. With this in mind, Olympia has designed ...

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Arai Signet-X and Quantum-X Helmet Review

Arai Quantum-X in Glass White, with Pro Shade in lowered position.

Last year Arai redesigned its top-of-the-line racing helmet and changed its name from Corsair-V to Corsair-X. We reviewed the Corsair-X in our April 2016 issue (also here on ridermagazine.com), praising its ventilation, lightness, comfort and new pivoting shield mechanism. Arai has given the “X” treatment to two of its street helmets: the Signet-X, which has a long oval head shape, ...

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Bridgestone Battlecruise H50 Tires – Review

Bridgestone Battlecruise H50 tires on a Harley-Davidson Sportster. Photo by Brian J. Nelson.

Bridgestone has rolled out its first tire created specifically for American V-twin cruisers, the Battlecruise H50. Bridgestone has an extensive racing background, having provided the spec tires for the Formula One and MotoGP series, and is currently the official tire supplier of the Indy 500 (under the Firestone brand, which Bridgestone acquired in 1988). With that in mind, despite being ...

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Tour Master Transition Series 4 Jacket – Review

Tour Master Transition Series 4 Men's Jacket.

We motorcyclists purposely prostrate ourselves before the weather gods, because riding’s all about open-air fun. But one road-wise veteran told me long ago, “Any fool can be uncomfortable.” So versatility plays a key role in the makeup of a good riding jacket. We’ve all bundled up on frosty mornings cold enough to see your breath, only to strip off layers ...

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Clearwater Lights Billie Brake Light – Review

The Billie Brake Light features super bright, attention-getting red LEDs you can program for a range of flashing modes, inertial braking and more.

Clearwater Lights makes incredibly bright, programmable, auxiliary LED lighting for motorcycles. On late-model BMWs, they integrate directly with the bike’s CANbus wiring network using Clearwater’s slick CANopener module (Rider, April 2015). Another Clearwater product that leverages the CANopener is the Billie Brake Light. This red LED auxiliary brake light/taillight attaches to your Beemer’s license plate bracket and connects to the ...

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Scorpion EXO-GT3000 Modular Helmet Review

Scorpion EXO-GT3000 Modular Helmet in the Sync White graphic.

When I think of modular helmets, I think convenient, clever, noisy and heavy. But that was before I tested Scorpion Sports’ EXO-GT3000 for more than 5,000 miles, and determined that Scorpion’s modular design and materials have taken noisy and heavy out of the equation. The EXO-GT3000’s light weight comes from its Thermodynamic Composite Technology shell material, a proprietary five-layer fabric ...

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Moto-Skiveez Base Layers – Review

Moto-Skiveez base layers are designed specifically for the needs of motorcyclists.

What you put next to your skin—before you don outer protective riding gear—can improve comfort when distances are long or conditions extreme. That’s when purpose-designed base layer riding apparel shows its worth. Moto-Skiveez offers a line of padded Riding Shorts employing technology borrowed from bicycle racing, a Technical Riding Shirt optimized for wear under a riding jacket and Compression Riding ...

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Dynaplug Micro Pro Inflator – Review

The Micro Pro Inflator comes with its own zippered carrying pouch.

Flat tires never happen at a good time or location. Motorcycles don’t carry a spare, flat-fix kits can be problematic, and when we finally do patch the tube or plug the tubeless tire, we still need a means to re-inflate it. CO2 cartridges are compact but unwieldy, and a good supply of them is necessary to fully inflate a tire. ...

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Aerostich Protekt Khaki Pants – Review

"Dark" Aerostich Protekt Khakis with TF3 armor installed.

Aerostich’s Protekt Khakis combine the orderly appearance of business casual with the impact protection of well designed riding gear, utilizing an innovative set of hidden armor pockets and strategically placed abrasion-resistant fabric layers. The exterior shell is made entirely of machine washable cotton twill, styled in the contemporary pleatless Dockeresque  fashion. Hidden armor pockets at the knees accept Aerostich’s optional ...

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HJC CL-Max II Modular Helmet – Review

Clem really likes his helmet! (HJC CL-Max II)

I have become quite fond of modular helmets, also called flip-ups, and unless I’m doing a track day or bashing around recklessly in the woods I will be wearing one. I like the modular for its openness, and a light push on a single lever opens the CL-Max II’s chinbar, making it easy to converse, enjoy a snack or a ...

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