Nelson-Rigg Commuter Motorcycle Luggage: Tail Bag and Tank Bag | Gear Review

Nelson-Rigg Commuter motorcycle luggage
The Nelson-Rigg Commuter motorcycle luggage makes a nice addition to the CFMOTO 450SS. (Photo by Killboy)

Motorcycles offer many advantages over other methods of transportation. However, one drawback is a lack of storage space. Whether packing for a weekend trip or picking up a few groceries on your way home from work, having a versatile motorcycle luggage system can be a game-changer, and that’s what the Nelson-Rigg Commuter luggage series provides.

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The Nelson-Rigg Commuter Tail Bag is a useful piece of gear that allows for quick attachment and removal. It’s made with UltraMax fabric with UV protection and a molded EVA carbon-like panel that helps the bag to hold its shape. It also comes with a waterproof rain cover, internal straps with hook-and-loop fastening, and a mesh pocket under the lid.

Perhaps the most convenient aspect of this particular bit of motorcycle luggage is how easy it is to attach and remove from a bike. The bag comes with four straps and four attachment points. It can be secured on the bike in two ways, either by removing the passenger seat and looping the straps under the seat before replacing it or by fixing the straps to solid points on the bike. The bag also comes with a shoulder strap that can be looped through a D-ring to convert the bag into a backpack.

Nelson-Rigg Commuter motorcycle luggage tail bag
Nelson-Rigg Commuter Tail Bag

The Nelson-Rigg Commuter Tail Bag comes in three sizes: Lite (11.7 liters, 15.3 liters expanded, $119.95), Sport (16.4 liters, 22.3 liters expanded, $129.95), and Touring (24.8 liters, 33.0 liters expanded, $159.95).

The Nelson-Rigg Commuter Tank Bag is constructed of the same materials as the Commuter Tail Bag, and it includes a waterproof rain cover and a clear map/phone pocket.

Like the Tail Bag, the Tank Bag attaches to most motorcycles, either by straps or magnets. The magnet system is easiest to use, since all that’s required is untucking the magnets from the nonslip bottom and sticking them to a metal tank. To use the strap system, loop one strap around the neck of the bike and attach the two ends to buckles on the bag, then loop a second strap through a solid point under the seat and attach the ends to the other two buckles.

The Commuter Tank Bag comes in two sizes: Lite (5.8 liters, 8.4 liters expanded, $119.95) and Sport (10 liters, 14.5 liters expanded, $139.95).

Nelson-Rigg Commuter motorcycle luggage tank bag lite
The Nelson-Rigg Commuter Tank Bag in Lite size.

I appreciate the versatility and ease of attachment and removal that the Nelson-Rigg Commuter motorcycle luggage provides. I use the Sport sizes of both bags for weekend trips and daily commutes and find they provide plenty of space for my storage needs. They have proven to be durable, hold their shape well, and can be used on almost any motorcycle. The only downside I’ve encountered is that they would be easy for someone to snatch off my bike since the attachment points are visible and simple to undo, so I park where my bike is visible during lunch stops and remove the bags when I’m done riding for the day.


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