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AGV Tourmodular Modular Helmet

When I slide on a full-face helmet, there’s a kind of click. My focus instantly sharpens, and my shoulders relax. The lighter and more comfortable the helmet, the deeper the effect. Add in modular helmet action so I can chat, hydrate, and snack on the fly, and I can stay in the zone all day.

That’s why I was so excited to try AGV’s new Tourmodular on a recent midsummer multistate tour through the Northeast.

AGV Tourmodular Modular Helmet

It’s a handsome lid, but what’s more important to me is performance, beginning with safety. AGV claims this modular helmet is just as safe as a full-face helmet, and testing backs up this claim. It surpassed the latest market-driving ECE 22.06 safety standard. Since it’s a modular, it had to undergo additional impact and torsion testing both in its open and closed positions, and the Tourmodular passed these as well.

Comfort is my next priority. This wind-tunnel-engineered helmet is compact and lightweight thanks to a shell comprising carbon, aramid fiber, and fiberglass. My Medium weighs 3.7 lb and fit true-to-size out of the box.

The removable/washable interior is super comfy, with Ritmo, a cooling, breathable material, covering the cheek pads and soft Shalimar lining the interior. As a full-time prescription glasses wearer, I also appreciate the Tourmodular’s recessed channels that accommodate eyewear. A lined chin strap closes via a micro ratchet, and an integrated sunshield is deployed via a convenient toggle.

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All the mechanical functions are robust, starting with crisp, five-stop faceshield action. At 4mm, the faceshield is twice as thick as most lenses and considered part of the shell’s architecture. The optically correct faceshield provides a massive 190×85-degree field of vision, and its compact latches are such a cinch to operate that you’ll be popping the faceshield on and off just for cleaning.

The modular feature is actuated via an easy-to-operate latch under the chin: Just pull and flip. It’s perfect for me since I prefer to keep my helmet on during short stops.

AGV Tourmodular Modular Helmet
The AGV Tourmodular is convenient for snack breaks throughout a ride.

Underway, the helmet was quiet whether I was riding a touring rig or a naked bike. Its light weight kept me from feeling fatigued on long riding days. During severe extended downpours, zero water leaked inside even with the faceshield in the locked “micro-opening” position. An included Max Pinlock 120 insert kept fogging at bay.

My first two weeks in the helmet were spent riding behind a touring windshield in high humidity, so all avenues of ventilation were investigated. There are two vents on the chin bar, but the real ticket was the large wraparound vent on top that ushered in plenty of cooling air. 

In 30-plus years of testing motorcycle gear, I haven’t enjoyed a helmet more than this one. The Tourmodular modular helmet is positioned as a more economic version of AGV’s all-carbon Sportmodular. There are nine colorways and 30 fit combos between three shell sizes, six interior sizes, and five thicknesses of interchangeable cheek pads. Pricing starts at $659.95.


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