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Warm and Safe Dual Remote Control Mounted Heat-Troller
Warm and Safe Dual Remote Control Mounted Heat-Troller components

The Warm & Safe Dual Remote Control Mounted Heat-Troller provides riders with the ability to power and control two pieces of heated motorcycle gear separately. Remote versions are available, but this item is permanently mounted to the motorcycle for a cleaner interface and superior ergonomics since the controls are fixed in place.  

The overall system consists of the Heat-Troller module, the remote receiver, and two fused wiring harnesses to connect the module and receiver to power. Installation is very straightforward: Simply use one of the fused wiring harnesses to connect the Heat-Troller module to switched power and the other harness to run power from the battery directly to the remote receiver. 

On my BMW R 1250 RT test mule, I mounted the Heat-Troller module underneath a fairing panel. This method of connecting the module to the harness (as opposed to hardwiring it in) allows the fairing panel to be easily removed for service when necessary – an added plus! Finally, a pair of sealed temperature control knobs with LEDs (which are hardwired into the Heat-Troller module) are then affixed in a convenient location, such as the blank panels on my RT’s dash area.  

Once installed, the only visible parts are the two temp control knobs and their corresponding LEDs, which provide visual indication for On, Off, and Polarity for your heated motorcycle gear. The knobs themselves have a tactile detent for On/Off and 300-degree rotation, so the rider can adjust from 3% to 100% power. The system can handle up to 15 amps at 13 volts, which is more than adequate to handle the typical heated jacket liner and glove combo at full blast. The device works from 7-16 volts and features internal resets for overloads and/or shorts.  

On this device, the Heat-Troller module communicates wirelessly with the remote receiver, which is placed inside the jacket liner’s pocket. (The module and receiver arrive already paired up from the factory.) It is the receiver that makes the connection between the motorcycle’s battery and the input connections on the heated motorcycle gear via the power harness. This model has dual outputs, meaning two separate pieces of heated gear can be powered independently. Single output versions are also available. 

I tested the Dual Remote Control Mounted Heat-Troller with a variety of heated motorcycle gear in my collection, including Warm & Safe’s Generation 4 heated jacket liner, an older Warm & Safe Generation 3 liner, an original Gerbing’s liner that’s 20-plus years old, a 10-year-old Gerbing’s Microwire liner, and a selection of gloves from Warm & Safe, Gerbing’s, California Heat, and others. It functioned flawlessly with everything I tested, and the compact receiver was easily stored in the left front pockets of all liners tested. There’s no reason why this Heat-Troller shouldn’t also work with almost any other brand of heated gear. 

The Warm & Safe Dual Remote Control Mounted Heat-Troller has an MSRP of $169.90 and is covered by a three-year warranty.

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