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Shad TR40 Terra Adventure Saddlebags

When planning our trip to South Dakota to ride the Black Hills BDR-X, we knew we needed good adventure luggage and opted for Shad TR40 Terra Adventure Saddlebags, which are soft bags with a rigid mounting system.

Each TR40 Terra saddlebag has an outer bag made of abrasion-resistant material with reinforced stitching and an inner dry bag, both with roll closures to keep out dust and water. Each side has 32 liters of capacity, holds up to 22 lb, and measures 15.75 x 9.8 x 14.9 inches. One side has an outer fuel/water bottle holder, and the other has a small roll-top accessory bag.

Shad TR40 Terra Adventure Saddlebags

On the back of each saddlebag is a hard plastic mounting plate that is compatible with Shad’s 4P System Mount, which is sold separately and available for a wide range of ADV motorcycles. For Reid’s CFMOTO Ibex 800 T, the 4P mount is $309.99. The only mount Shad offers for Daniel’s Royal Enfield Himalayan is the 3P ($172.99), which has an inverted L-shaped hanger rather than the full loop hanger of the 4P, so the connection with the TR40 backing plate was more flexible, and the bags bounced around a bit more.

Overall, we’ve logged about 3,000 miles on the Ibex 800 T and 1,500 miles on the Himalayan with the TR40 Terra bags, including tough adventure miles on the Black Hills BDR-X. We like the size, shape, and style of the TR40 Terra setup, which keeps gear low and forward on the bike. The 4P mount is sturdy and survived multiple tip-overs. With six Duraflex cam buckles and eight reinforced straps per bag, our gear stayed put and didn’t rattle or slide around. The bag-within-a-bag design and roll-top closures kept water out, even when we used a high-pressure sprayer to clean mud off the bikes after the BDR-X. However, because both bags are black, stuff can get lost in the dark bottom. Also, when the inner dry bag was packed full, it would not slide into or out of the outer bag. 

Shad TR40 Terra Adventure Saddlebags

The Double Locking System locks the bag to the 4P mount and locks the outer straps in place to prevent unwanted access. We appreciated being able to lock the bags to the bike, but having to use a key to lock and unlock the outer straps every time we wanted to open the bags was a hassle. Since convenience was more important than security for us, we bypassed the strap lock by trimming the locking tab for the C-ring. We also modified the top straps to allow more adjustability. The locking mechanism that attaches the bags to the 4P mount got jammed up a couple of times from mud and rocks, so keeping them clean and lubricated is important for regular removal and mounting of the saddlebags.

Priced at $578.99 plus the cost of the 4P System Mount (from $222.99 to $343.99), the Shad TR40 Terra Adventure saddlebags are a good value for durable, secure, waterproof luggage.

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