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Wunderlich BMW handlebar risers
The BMW handlebar risers from Wunderlich raise the handlebar height 1.57 inches.

BMW R 1200/1250 RT sport-tourers, for all their stellar attributes, arrive from the factory with a cramped cockpit, even for height-challenged riders like me. Wunderlich’s BMW Handlebar Risers for water-cooled 2014-current RTs allow the rider to raise the baseline handlebar positioning by 1.57 inches, offering superior ergonomics to riders who prefer higher bars. 

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The kit arrives with everything required for installation, including the puller tool required to remove the handlebar from its stock position. First, gather your T8, T15, T30, T40, and T50 Torx bits, as well as a small flathead screwdriver, a 13mm wrench or socket, and a torque wrench. A 17-step installation procedure is included with the kit, but Wunderlich’s 20-minute video on the product website is much more useful for the DIYer.  

To begin, remove the bar-end weights with the T45 Torx, and then remove the four T30 Torx holding the clutch and brake master cylinders on the handlebars. From there, a series of small Torx screws and tabs which hold the switch control housings in place are removed, the cable connectors are disconnected, and the housings are taken off the handlebar. The handlebar is now exposed and ready for removal via T50 Torx and the included puller tool, which requires the 13mm socket or wrench.  

Wunderlich BMW handlebar risers

The Wunderlich BMW handlebar risers are then installed in the bar’s former position, and the handlebar is reinstalled onto the risers. To fit inside the risers, the paint needs to be sanded off the 0.5-inch leading edge of the handlebar. I used a bench grinder with a wire wheel attachment, which worked perfectly in under five minutes. Finally, the master cylinders and the switch housings are reassembled back onto the handlebar in reverse order. 

Out on the road, it’s apparent that these German-made risers, which are machined out of solid aluminum and anodized to match the OEM finish, are of high quality. The risers themselves rotate on the handlebar, allowing an added measure of fine tuning. The addition of these risers, especially in conjunction with footpeg lowering kits (such as one from Suburban Machinery), allow the rider to really stretch out and sit inside the cockpit rather than on the motorcycle. Taller riders especially will be much more comfortable with this setup as opposed to stock. MSRP for the Wunderlich #31040201 Handlebar Risers is $374.95. 

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