2022 Royal Enfield Scram 411 | First Look Review

2022 Royal Enfield Scram 411 review

Royal Enfield, which claims to be the global leader in the 250cc-750cc segment, has unveiled the new Scram 411, which it calls an “ADV crossover.”

The new Scram 411 brings scrambler styling to the Himalayan adventure bike platform, which was updated for 2022. It’s powered by an air-cooled 411cc single-cylinder engine carried in a Harris Performance chassis. Royal Enfield says the Scram 411’s versatile geometry and comfortable ergonomics give the lightweight bike a unique combination of on-road agility and capability on trails.

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2022 Royal Enfield Scram 411 review

“Whether it’s London, New Delhi, or Tokyo, the contours of modern urban existence are ever-changing,” said Siddhartha Lal, Managing Director, Eicher Motors Ltd. “With our world increasingly becoming more fast-paced, life in the urban context has become about the weekday hustle and the weekend getaway, and everything in between. We wanted to build a motorcycle that could effortlessly navigate this entire gamut, and be the perfect ally for the young, modern-day rider. The Scram 411 is truly a motorcycle made for now, and is always ready to tackle whatever surprise is in store.”

“Most scrambler motorcycles focus only on aesthetics and looks,” said Mark Wells, Chief of Design at Royal Enfield. “When we began work on the Scram 411, we were determined to create a motorcycle that would be distinct in design and purpose, and bring the best of rough-road capability to urban riding. With its distinctive look and design, playful colorways, accessible riding proposition, the Scram 411 is an ultimate ADV crossover for the urban environment.”

2022 Royal Enfield Scram 411 review

The Scram 411’s counterbalanced, fuel-injected 411cc Single is said to offer smooth power delivery and strong bottom-end torque. Adding to the Scram 411’s versatility is long-travel suspension (7.8/7.1 inches front/rear) and generous ground clearance. It rolls on 19-inch front and 17-inch rear spoked wheels, shod with tube-type dual-sport tires. Single-disc brakes front and rear are equipped with dual-channel ABS.

Scrambler styling elements include fork gaiters, a small aluminum skid plate, a round headlight, and a flat motocross handlebar, and a centerstand is standard. The rider’s seat is perched at an accessible 31.2 inches above the ground, providing an easy reach to the ground and adding to the Scram 411’s nimbleness in stop-and-go traffic. Essential information is provided by an analog speedometer paired with a multifunction digital display.

The 2022 Royal Enfield Scram 411 is a global model that’s scheduled to arrive in the U.S. late summer/early fall. Pricing and color options will be announced in the coming months.

For more information or to find a Royal Enfield dealer near you, visit royalenfield.com.


    • I’d say so. One, the Scram’s front wheel is 2″ smaller. Two, it has bright colors, whereas the Himmy does not. Three, it has a one piece seat, whereas the Himmy’s seat is a two piece afair.. Four, it has those side pieces in lieu of the front racks. Five, the instrument cluster is different. Six, there’s no wind screen, and given the shape of the Scram’s instrument cluster, I don’t know if a windscreen can be mounted.

  1. The bike is literally fab, love the styling and dashing personality but at this pruce RE is still not giving LED light, bluetooth connectivity and it also won’t get that switchable ABS feature. What you think about the absence of these stuffs?

  2. I guess you may as well wait for the new K1 platform on the Himalayan 450 with about 40hp that is coming out sometime next year.


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