2018 Can-Am Spyder F3 Limited | Road Test Review

2018 Can-Am Spyder F3 Limited
For 2018, Can-Am has updated its touring models with a new full-color display and integration with its own infotainment app, BRP Connect. Photos by Kevin Wing.

Touring on three wheels is a totally different experience from that of a two-wheeler, and touring with two of the three wheels in front is even more so. There’s a sizeable group of enthusiasts out there who can testify to the Can-Am Spyder’s attraction.

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I got my first taste of it last Christmas on a long, cold road trip (Rider, May 2018 and here) and have to admit I see the appeal. Weight, balancing and weather take a backseat to enjoying the ride, with bonus points to the Can-Am for not requiring a clutch or shift lever.

In fact, as turnkey three-wheeled roadster solutions the Spyder lineup is hard to beat, and at a base price of $28,399 even the top-of-the-cruiser-touring-line F3 Limited comes in under most, if not all, trike conversion kits once you factor in the cost of installation.

2018 Can-Am Spyder F3 Limited
As a touring trike the Spyder F3 Limited is hard to beat, with scads of luggage capacity and comfort and stability for days.

Jenny’s Gear
Helmet: Arai Signet-X
Jacket: Scorpion Maia
Pants: AGV Sport
Boots: Tourmaster Trinity

The Spyder also benefits from a slew of rider aids and stability systems that are designed to keep all three wheels securely on terra firma, plus the higher-spec models like the F3 Limited include luxuries like self-leveling rear air suspension and heated rider and passenger grips.

The 2018 touring models (F3-T, F3 Limited, RT and RT Limited) now sport a new 7.8-inch, full-color LCD display that integrates with Can-Am/BRP’s smartphone app, BRP Connect. The app works in a similar way to Apple CarPlay; connect your phone to the Spyder via Bluetooth and plug it into the compartment on the dash, and you can make/receive calls (using your Bluetooth helmet system), view texts or listen to music on your phone.

Additionally, you can connect other apps, such as Rever, Pandora, Genius Maps and AccuWeather to BRP Connect, expanding access to those apps’ functions directly through the Spyder’s joystick control and LCD display.

2018 Can-Am Spyder F3 Limited
When active, BRP Connect display takes up the right half of the 7.8-inch screen.

Navigation is intuitive but basic and time-consuming, best done at a stop, but as long as you’re not the rider version of a channel-flipper you’ll likely find what you need and stick with it.

Other than the new display and revised handlebar controls that include the new joystick feature, the F3 Limited is unchanged from the 2017 model I rode last Christmas. The 1,330cc Rotax in-line triple is good for a claimed 115 horsepower and 96 lb-ft of torque, which is plenty for high-speed passing, freeway on-ramps and beating SUV-driving soccer moms off the line.

2018 Can-Am Spyder F3 Limited
It doesn’t lean like a 2-wheeler, but throwing the F3 Limited through corners is a fun experience all its own. Just make sure you warn your passenger to hold on tight first!

Once accustomed to the somewhat darty steering, comfort prevails, with a supportive saddle and full floorboards for rider and passenger, excellent suspension that soaks up the worst city pavement and washboard dirt roads with equal aplomb and a customizable rider handlebar/floorboard position via Can-Am’s UFit system. You won’t get complaints about cargo space either, with 138 liters of stuff-swallowing capacity.

With a price that’s comparable to other class-leading touring two-wheelers, Can-Am’s F3 Limited is a lot of luxury and functionality for the money. If having a third wheel sounds like a plus, you’d be doing yourself a disservice by not giving one a hard look.

2018 Can-Am Spyder F3 Limited
2018 Can-Am Spyder F3 Limited.

2018 Can-Am Spyder F3 Limited Specs

Base Price: $28,399
Website: can-am.brp.com
Engine Type: Liquid-cooled transverse in-line triple, DOHC w/ 4 valves per cyl.
Displacement: 1,330cc
Bore x Stroke: 84.0 x 80.0mm
Transmission: SE6 6-speed semi-automatic
Final Drive: Belt
Wheelbase: 67.3 in.
Seat Height: 26.6 in.
Claimed Dry Weight: 988 lbs.
Fuel Capacity: 7.1 gals., last 1.2 gals. warning light on
MPG: 91 PON min./37.5 avg.

2018 Can-Am Spyder F3 Limited
Trim packages are available in Chrome or Dark (shown).
2018 Can-Am Spyder F3 Limited
Comfortable, supportive rider and passenger seats go the extra mile. Heated passenger grips have their own control.
2018 Can-Am Spyder F3 Limited
Can-Am says the trunk will hold two full-face helmets, but fit is very tight.
2018 Can-Am Spyder F3 Limited
Newly redesigned switchgear includes a joystick control for easy navigation of settings and BRP Connect apps. Up-/downshift index finger/thumb paddles are easy to reach.
2018 Can-Am Spyder F3 Limited
Can-Am’s UFit system allows dealers to customize floorboard and handlebar position for the rider.


  1. But, what about MAINTENANCE? It is my understanding that parts are VERY difficult to find. Takes weeks to months for them to arrive at the shop. What about RELIABILITY? This writer mentioned NEITHER of these most important issues. It’s as thought she wrote the article, after reading the promotional flyer.

    • First off, it’s difficult for us to address reliability when we only have the unit for a couple of weeks for a road test. On the occasions when we can hang onto it longer, it’s certainly something we address…as you can see in our Long-Term reviews. We also will address reliability if it’s a known issue for a given model, but again only in terms of initial fit-and-finish and usually a mention of dealership availability. Given that Spyders have gotten much more reliable in the last four years (since the switch to the 1330cc triple, for the most part), and that we’ve heard nothing about dealerships having trouble getting parts, we figure this brief riding impression of the updated F3 Limited was appropriate in scope.

  2. My wife put 5500 miles on her 2016 F3 Limited Special Series with not one issue. Easier to maintain then my Harley, she just got a 2019 for the new features.

  3. My wife and I have a 2016 Limited (my wife wanted the fancy one). In March 2019 took it to the shop for a miss(bad plug). When they took it for a test drive to confirm the problem, lo and behold the water pump sprung a bad leak. Well to the tune of almost $700 buck later it was repaired and tuned up. Was told that the water pump problem is not unusual. Made of plastic. So ask about the maintenance record for the type of bike you are buying. Ours had less than 4500 miles on it. Due to it being over 2 years old it was out of warranty. Love the bike but ouch on that kind of repair costs.

  4. I have a 2020 Spyder F3-T Limited. Maintenance is very expressive. A oil change cost nearly $200.00 US. A oil change kit from BRP is around $84.00 to do it yourself. There is a drive belt vibration problem that they know about. They even offer a belt tensioner but won’t cover it under warranty. A drive belt replacement cost me $583.00. The belt looked like a stone did some damage. So be ready to dig deep if you purchase a Can-Am Spyder F3-T Limited.

  5. My wife had a 2012 rt limited, no problems. Because of the suspension and steering improvements, plus the added 6th gear and 1330 engine, she traded that one on a 2018. She has about 4k on it now and no problems. I just purchased a 2019 F3 Ltd but got it late in 2020 so only put about 300 miles on it before winter storage. I don’t anticipate any serious problems. I bought the f3 for fit because the rt, and even the 2021 rt simply doesn’t fit my riding position. I’m 6’1 and the seating position is too upright for me. The f3 fits me much better. And, for whatever reason, the throttle response is much better than the rt. Oil changes are a tad expensive, but it’s really only once or twice a year. So looking forward to the 2021 riding season.

  6. After riding 2 wheels for over 40 years, I bought a new 2019 black F3 Limited Chrome Edition as a retirement gift for my wife and I in 2020. She has always felt uneasy about riding 2-up with me on my bike, but not anymore! Quite frankly, as a first responder who has attended dozens of extremely disturbing fatal wrecks involving motorcycles over the years, I also feel quite nervous when riding my bike but again, not anymore!
    Understandably, I was quite leery about dropping that kind of money on a trike but honestly, it is “BY FAR” the best move I have ever done. Even thought it has tons of storage, we also bought a new “Lugg & Roll” trailer for long tours (it was promptly shipped to me from Quebec Canada).
    Whether riding inner cities or cruising the open road, the F3 Limited is an all around perpetual champion. It sincerely exceeds all of my expectations. Comfort is unequivocally second to none and the fun factor is over-the-top!
    I can truthfully tell you that if you’re on the fence about buying one, just go for it. Trust me, you won’t be sorry. I’ve had literally zero issues with it so far.


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