On Lane Splitting with Eric Trow | Ep. 60 Rider Magazine Insider Podcast

Lane splitting Ep60 Rider Magazine Insider Podcast Eric Trow

Episode 60 of the Rider Magazine Insider Podcast focuses on the controversial topic of lane splitting, also known as lane sharing. Motorcyclists tend to be strongly in favor of it or adamantly against it. Last year, Arizona became the fourth state to legalize lane sharing, joining California, Utah, and Montana. Contributing editor Eric Trow’s feature about lane sharing in the upcoming June 2023 issue of Rider provides a fair and balanced approach to the topic. Our host Greg Drevenstedt is much more biased in favor of lane sharing, and they have a lively discussion about the pros and cons.

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  1. I’ve been riding daily for over twenty years, didn’t own a car until age 39.

    Short and simple: you can take my lane-splitting when you pry it out of my cold, dead fingers. It’s a better, safer way to get where I’m going, and I’ll accept the risk all day long.


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