New Gear: BMW Motorrad ConnectedRide Com U1

BMW Motorrad ConnectedRide Com U1

Whether you’re riding with only one partner or a large group, communication is key. The BMW Motorrad ConnectedRide Com U1 communications system allows you to stay connected with others on the ride and hosts several features to make your ride easier and more enjoyable.

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The ConnectedRide Com U1 allows you to choose between two connection types: Bluetooth and Mesh 2.0. Bluetooth lets you talk to another person up to a mile away. It’s a handy way to communicate without the need to call, especially in areas where cell service isn’t reliable. Mesh requires at least six participants but gives groups a range of up to nearly 5 miles, making it ideal for larger group rides. For really large groups, Multi Channel Open Mesh allows anyone on the same channel to communicate with no limit of participants and no need to pair devices ahead of time.

BMW Motorrad ConnectedRide Com U1
The com system is compatible with any helmet.

This com system also allows you to share music with your passenger so you’re both bopping to the same beat. The system is equipped with an FM radio with 10 presets. Riders can use either the four buttons on the device or voice control. The HD-quality 40mm speakers and com system are easy to install, especially with the help of BMW’s video demonstration. Because of the quick charging function, the system can get 3.5 hours of Mesh intercom use and six hours of Bluetooth off a 20-minute charge.

BMW’s Motorrad ConnectedRide Com U1 system is available for $375. Visit BMW’s website for more information.


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