Scott A. Williams | Ep. 41 Rider Magazine Insider Podcast

Rider contributor Scott A. Williams Episode 41 Rider Magazine Insider Podcast
Scott A. Williams, Rider contributor, smiles with his bike on a dirt path.

Our guest on Episode 41 of the Rider Magazine Insider Podcast is Scott A. Williams, who has been a regular contributor to Rider for two decades. A lifelong New Englander, Scott is a storyteller. His writing reflects the insights of a regular guy with a keen sense of observation and a passion for exploring on two wheels. Scott’s motorcycle touring features are less about “turn here, then turn there” and more about the culture of the regions he rides through and the people he meets along the way. His columns consider the rider’s experience, viewed through the lens of his personal encounters. Known as “Bones” since he was a little kid, Scott had been a Rider magazine subscriber for years when it occurred to him, “I’m a writer and a rider, I should write for Rider.” Twenty years ago, he made a story pitch to then-editor Mark Tuttle, and since then he has written nearly a hundred pieces for what he will tell you is still his favorite magazine. Check out some of Scott’s writing for Rider via the links below.

LINKS: Dead Reckoning, Muriel’s Last Ride, Perceptions, Cages

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