2019 BMW R nineT /5 | First Look Review

2019 BMW R nineT /5
BMW has announced a new R nineT /5 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of its iconic /5 (“slash five”) series. Images courtesy BMW Motorrad.

Fifty years ago, in 1969, the first BMW motorcycle rolled off the assembly line at BMW’s factory in Berlin Spandau. The new /5 series (pronounced “slash five”) included the R 50/5, R 60/5 and R 75/5, and sported a new chassis and engine and a fresh, modern design with a wide range of bold color options.

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the classic /5 series, BMW has announced a special R nineT /5 that evokes the look and spirit of the originals.

The 2019 R nineT /5 features black kneepads on a gorgeous Lupine Blue metallic tank, with a smoke effect, double-line pin stripe, a special 50th anniversary badge and a double seat with white piping. Other /5 details include chrome mirrors, exhaust manifold and silencer, fork gaiters and brushed aluminum engine covers, gearbox, fork tubes and wheels.

Otherwise the R nineT /5 is familiar, with its air- and oil-cooled 1,170cc opposed-twin boxer engine, spoked tube-type rims, standard ABS, ASC (automatic stability control) and heated grips and 6-speed gearbox.

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U.S. pricing and availability are TBD. Keep scrolling for more images.

2019 BMW R nineT /5
2019 BMW R nineT /5.
2019 BMW R nineT /5
2019 BMW R nineT /5.
2019 BMW R nineT /5
2019 BMW R nineT /5.


  1. Funny, I was just talking to a buddy about BMW failing to take advantage of all the old bikes they produced when coming up with their retro models! And then this model comes along. Nice looking bike, but it doesn’t remind me of the /5 much at all. Other than the color, it’s just another version of the R 9T. I think BMW could do better then this, but it obviously fits in their existing pallet of bikes well. If they really wanted to get people excited they would have to go the route Royal Enfield has gone with their new Interceptor. Just the basics, a minimum of electronics, and a bike that truly looks old while still having the advantages of today’s motorcycles. They have done a bit of this with the new cruiser they may or may not produce, but they could doore.

  2. It’s not that I dislike the bike, but you’ve gotta wonder when the emphasis on “motorcycles as fashion statement” will jump the shark.

    • @W Wilkins.
      Perhaps we should all be riding around on Honda Deauvilles.
      Would that make you happy.
      Honestly, some riders are like the biking equivalent of the Amish.

  3. Ditto on the style-bomb. If the seating postion, i.e., knees actually mayching up to knee-pads, and price are right, it might be tempting. I have a feeling it will beone of those destined to be “marked down, close-out”, after sitting on the dealer’s floor for one or two years.

  4. Beautiful paint; worthless front fender (yes…some of us BMW die-hards ride on wet pavement). I’d rather spend my money on a restored /5 original, personally.

  5. I agree with the other comments about BMW missing the mark. The most important styling que is missing the dual exhausts. That would have made the bike worth purchasing. As of now it’s just another R9T. Meh.

  6. May I please have a functional classic front fender with my “classic” design theme? At least as an option. What is it with tiny useless fenders on all bikes? They serve a useful function.

  7. Like others have said though, a full set of Fenders would of been real nice….keeping it more classic looking than modern……and more functional

  8. Why do all of these new R9Ts BMWs have such crapping seats for passengers! Not all of our pillon riders are 21, and 105 lbs.

  9. This is just another RnineT with a blue pin striped tank. In fact the only thing distinguishing it and remotely suggests it’s an evolution of the original /5 is the pin striping on the tank. If BMW really wanted to celebrate the 50 year anniversary they could have made a new tank that is more reminiscent of the original, added dual chrome pipes and a headlight housing that also housed instruments. After all, the /5 was the last model that had that feature and makes them instantly recognizable from the /6 with its twin instrument pods. If they really wanted to go all out they could have designed some rounded valve covers like the old airheads. A seriously missed opportunity, but I suppose that’s a lot of work and cost for just a small production run of bikes. Personally I’m not a fan of the blue and much prefer the black with white pinstripes.

  10. Up close and personal the /5 is a stunning motorcycle. BMW didn’t set out to produce a replica of the original /5. The superb ergonomics plus the legendary boxer twin make for a fantastic motorcycle. BMW nailed it with the /5 reincarnation.


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