Can-Am Celebrates 50 Years

Can-Am 50th Anniversary Motocross
Can-Am introduced motorcycles for motocross and endurance racing in the early 1970s.

Can-Am is turning 50 this year, and Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP), Can-Am’s parent company, is celebrating with collaborations on custom products and festivities throughout the summer.

The first Can-Am motocross motorcycle was built in 1973 and saw immediate success in motocross and endurance racing. In 1996, the company started working on the Spyder, a three-wheeled half-motorcycle/half-convertible, which was finally introduced in 2007.

Since then, the brand has brought other three-wheeled models to the market, including the Spyder F3, the Ryker, and the Spyder RT.

2023 Can-Am Spyder Ryker
2023 Can-Am Ryker 600 in Icepop Blue

The brand’s three-wheeled lineup has opened the doors for more riders to enjoy the sport, and sales have more than doubled in the last four years.

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Using its three-wheeled models as a way to engage with a diversity of riders, BRP has shown support to its fans in more ways than one. For example, Can-Am sponsored the Road Warrior Ride last September and gave veterans full gear and riding courses, as well as the use of Spyders, to ride 1,000 miles from Florida to Ohio.

The 2022 Road Warrior Ride, sponsored by Can-Am, supported veterans over 1,000 miles.

The brand has also been a supporter of International Female Ride Day and other inclusivity-focused events.

“Can-Am’s 50th anniversary is also a celebration of the people behind the brand who forged its DNA and constantly pushed the limits of what’s possible,” says José Boisjoli, president and CEO of BRP. “The brand had instant success on the track and the trail when it all began 50 years ago, owning the podiums and setting land speed records. Since then, driven by our commitment to innovation, technology, quality, and a passion that never wavered, we have reinvented Can-Am in so many ways, always keeping in mind to deliver the best experience for our riders. When I look at the future, I am convinced it will continue to achieve legendary milestones and I cannot thank our employees, dealers, customers and partners enough for carrying the Can-Am DNA year over year.”

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Can-Am International Female Ride Day
Can-Am celebrated International Female Ride Day with women-led group rides in several countries.

Can-Am has also seen success with its ATVs and SSVs, which have had the fastest-growing market share in the category in North America since 2015. In early 2023, it celebrated its sixth consecutive Dakar Rally win. Looking to the future, the brand is now excited to break ground with its two electric motorcycles for 2024: the Origin dual-sport and Pulse streetbike.

Can-Am Electric Motorcycle Pulse Origin
BRP has unveiled two all-electric motorcycles, the Can-Am Pulse streetbike and Can-Am Origin dual-sport. Both are scheduled for release in mid-2024.

To celebrate its 50th anniversary, Can-Am has announced a collaboration with The Shoe Surgeon to create three custom Rykers and three styles of Can-Am-inspired riding shoes. BRP will also introduce new product updates and models in August. There will also be activities and celebrations on social media and in person for fans and owners, including some of the championship riders from the early days of the brand.

To learn more about the brand’s history and current model lineup, visit Can-Am’s website.


  1. I owned and rode several different Canam motorcycles in the 70s. Great bikes, fast as hell and handled. I remember seeing a 500 2 stroke twin prototype they never built. I didn’t get their shift to wheelers and 3 wheels. To me a motorcycle has 2 wheels. I suppose my opinion doesn’t count for much but I miss their bikes and will never ride any tricycle contrivance. I’ll buy a Miata first. Just my opinion.

  2. I have been riding “2” wheeled motorcycles for more than 54 years never thinking I would buy or ride a trike/reverse trike but here I am I could give a million reasons why but why bore the ones that don’t get it. I’m almost 67 wife is 71 and switched last thanksgiving I use to ride when rider had their rider rallies with Beau something (I can’t remember his last name) as the main announcer (1985/1986 Cody Wyoming) I still have my rider belt buckle fast forward now with bad knees hips grip etc etc I’m on one and I believe it’s one of the best open vehicles I have ever ridden and I’ve logged more than 200k miles on bikes would love more articles as I think more and more riders like myself are popping up and a lot first time riders are taking up the sport


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