2024 BMW R 12 nineT | First Look Review

2024 BMW R 12 nineT

BMW Motorrad has announced a successor to the R nineT for 2024: the BMW R 12 nineT. This new model announcement comes exactly ten years after the launch of the R nineT and is presented in celebration of “100 years of BMW Motorrad.” The R 12 nineT shares many similarities with the R nineT platform but features updates and a more classic design. More details are expected later in the year. 

2024 BMW R 12 nineT

The BMW R nineT was introduced in 2013 with a classic roadster design and a focus on customization options. Since then, BMW has added to spin-off models including the enduro-inspired R nineT Urban G/S, the R nineT Scrambler, and the stripped-down R nineT Pure. BMW says the focus on customization will continue with the new R 12 nineT. 

2024 BMW R 12 nineT

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“The R nineT and its customizing concept established the new Heritage experience for BMW Motorrad’s 90th birthday and has become an indispensable cornerstone of our model range,” says Dr. Markus Schramm, head of BMW Motorrad. “The new R 12 nineT continues the successful heritage story surrounding the legendary BMW boxer engines with an even more classic, reduced design language, even greater degrees of freedom when it comes to customizing and, last but not least, new and innovative technology.” 

2024 BMW R 12 nineT

BMW is well-known for its boxer engines. In fact, the very first BMW motorcycle, the R 32, was powered by a flat-Twin boxer. The R 12 nineT continues that legacy with an air/oil-cooled 2-cylinder 1,170cc boxer engine, like the R nineT before it. The addition of the number 12 in the model name reflects the engine’s displacement, a naming technique used for other BMW models. 

2024 BMW R 12 nineT

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The design of the R 12 nineT leans into a more classic appearance than its predecessor, particularly with the tank shape, seat, and side covers. BMW claims the classic look and modular design also lends more freedom for individualization. 

2024 BMW R 12 nineT

“The purist design language is dominated by the clear tank/seat/rear line, in the style of the traditional /5 or the legendary R 90 S of the ’70s,” said Edgar Heinrich, head of design. “At first glance, the tank itself is a classic BMW boxer tank, with a typical bend in the lower edge and classic knee contact. The new R 12 NineT also features side covers in the area of the frame triangle in the authentic Roadster look – another reminiscence of BMW motorcycles of the 1970s.” 

2024 BMW R 12 nineT

The BMW R 12 nineT will have a redesigned exhaust system with a double muffler and conical end pieces, as well as a redesigned intake system and front fender. The LED taillight unit is now integrated into the seat. 

2024 BMW R 12 nineT

More details about the BMW R 12 nineT, including price and specifications, are expected in the second half of 2023. Visit BMW Motorrad’s website for more information. 

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  1. I cannot believe how utterly ugly motorcycles have become. This rnine t and r12 t have exhausts that not only look ugly but negate the use of panniers . Rear pegs that put the passenger in a yoga position, rider ergonomics that mimic a vmax which is not a compliment. The R18 series all wh eight twice what a motorcycle should weight. What happened to German sensibilities!?

  2. I have a 2023 RnineT 100 years edition and it is beautiful and fun to ride. This new 2024 model makes me love my 2023 even more, sorry BMW, the new design is not to my taste, with the few pictures I have seen, it makes me associate it with a cheap model…not sure why. I think the only thing I like is the new dual exhaust …… but the comparison ends there. I am glad to own the 2023 model, the last model with the old design.

    • Agree 100%. Perhaps it will look better in the flesh but I much prefer the look of the current model. Wouldn’t swap mine for the 2024 version.

  3. As an ol’fart I appreciate the aesthetics and the performance is adequate. However, without an intentional design, it’s a challenge to farkle up relaxed ergonomics. Since BMW makes “packages” as much as bikes, why not an “ol’fart’s package” that gives a comfortable seat, adjustable pegs, bars, windscreen?

  4. I personally think it looks Cool.
    A bit disapointing that All the Packages are a con in my view. Just a way of bumping the price up and getting the Punter to pay twice for equipment .


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