2023 BMW R 1250 R | First Look Review

2023 BMW R 1250 R in the Style Sport variant colorway
2023 BMW R 1250 R in the Style Sport variant colorway

Building on the success of BMW’s naked boxer roadster history, which started with the 1923 494cc boxer-Twin powered R 32, BMW Motorrad is introducing the updated 2023 BMW R 1250 R roadster.

While many things remain the same, including the 1,254cc 2-cylinder air/liquid-cooled boxer engine with ShiftCam technology delivering a claimed 136 hp and 105 ft-lbs of torque, BMW has made several upgrades to the 2023 model – and all for the same $14,995 MSRP as the 2022 model.

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Several features that were previously options are now standard, including Dynamic Traction Control, ABS Pro (part integral), and Dynamic Brake Control. And joining the previous Road and Rain ride modes for 2023 is the “Eco” mode.

2023 BMW R 1250 R

In Eco mode, the rider is encouraged to ride as fuel-efficiently as possible, with a soft throttle curve and moderate engine torque limitation. As part of these efforts, the TFT color display provides an efficiency display. However, if a rider wants maximum performance – for example, for overtaking or riding uphill – the ride mode button will switch to a different mode quickly and easily.

Other new features of the 2023 BMW R 1250 R include LED turn indicators, a solo seat rear cover, and new Option 719 spoke wheels (optional).

2023 BMW R 1250 R
2023 BMW R 1250 R with new solo seat rear cover
2023 BMW R 1250 R
2023 BMW R 1250 R with Comfort passenger seat

The 2023 model still features the full LED headlamp but now offers an optional adaptive turning light, which provides better illumination into turns thereby ensuring safer riding at night. The adaptive turning light works by switching on additional LED elements in the main headlight that are fitted with their own reflectors, depending on the lean angle. It is activated from an inclined position of 7 degrees to 25 degrees and a speed of more than 6 mph. New standard features also include redesigned LED Comfort turn.

2023 BMW R 1250 R

Consistent with 2022, a slip/assist clutch, Hill Start Control, a 45mm conventional inverted fork, and BMW Motorrad Paralever rear spring/shock with preload and rebound adjustment and travel-dependent damping (WAD) are all still standard.

The optional Premium Package includes Keyless Ride, a Design Option rear muffler, a chrome-plated exhaust manifold, heated grips, TPM Tire Pressure Monitor, and cruise control. There are multiple Option 719 Billet Packs available, as well as numerous individual options.

2023 BMW R 1250 R

The 2023 BMW R 1250 R starts at $14,995. In standard trim, the R 1250 R is finished in Ice Grey non-metallic in conjunction with a black frame. With the optional Triple Black and Style Sport variants, the owner can choose from two expressive color combinations.

2023 BMW R 1250 R in the Ice Grey non-metallic standard colorway
2023 BMW R 1250 R in the Ice Grey non-metallic standard colorway

The Style Sport variant (see story’s lead photo) features a body color in Racing Blue Metallic, white frame, gold front/rear brake calipers, black sports handlebars, blue front spoiler, and solo seat rear cover or passenger seat.

The Triple Black variant has a Black Storm Metallic body color, Agate Grey frame, gold front/rear brake calipers, stainless steel radiator grille, stainless steel engine spoiler, Pure tank trim, and solo seat rear cover or passenger seat.

2023 BMW R 1250 R in the Triple Black variant colorway
2023 BMW R 1250 R in the Triple Black variant colorway

More information is available on the BMW Motorcycles website.


  1. I own several dictionaries but non contain the word “colorway”, so please define it and provide information on its derivation — otherwise it simply seems to be an effete (and needlessly longer) version of “color”.

  2. Two critical notes: 1) The ShiftCam engine is new to this model and is a significant upgrade and 2) The front suspension is a typical inverted fork, not a Paralever )which is the rear suspension). Thanks.

    • 1) ShiftCam variable-valve technology was added for the 2019 model year, when displacement of all “R” Boxer models increased from 1,170cc to 1,254cc.
      2) You are correct – the R 1250 R has a conventional inverted fork, and Paralever refers to its rear suspension. BMW’s official press release included this mistake (“BMW Motorrad Paralever front suspension with upside-down 45mm fork”) and we didn’t catch it. We’ve updated the post – thanks for keeping us honest!

  3. Been a subscriber since the beginning, I think, miss the paper version in the mail.
    Looking to replace my ’04 1150RT when it hits 100K (93K now), this might the one. The blue version is quite attractive and the timing will be right, too!
    Clement Salvadori was, hopefully still is, a great writer – one of the best features of Rider through the years.

  4. Been eyeballing this model for about a year, and these updates might be enough to push me over the edge. That blue colorway looks incredible


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