Moshe K. Levy | Ep. 44 Rider Magazine Insider Podcast

Ep 44 Rider Magazine Insider Podcast Moshe K. Levy
Moshe K. Levy with a few of the motorcycles in his eclectic stable.

Our guest on Episode 44 of the Rider Magazine Insider Podcast is Moshe K. Levy, a motorcycle journalist also known as Moto Mouth Moshe. Moshe is a renaissance man in the motorcycle world. He’s written hundreds of articles and columns for motorcycle magazines, including RiderAmerican RiderMotorcycle Consumer NewsBMW Owner’s NewsOn the LevelAmerican IronBackroads, and others. Moshe owns and rides all kinds of bikes, everything from mopeds to BMWs to Harley-Davidsons. He restores old mopeds and motorcycles, he tests products, he’s a marketing executive at a technology company, and he’s a family man. We talk to Moshe about his protracted struggle with symptoms of long Covid, which prevented him from riding motorcycles. He found his way back from the abyss on a Honda Trail 125, which he wrote about in the February 2022 issue of Rider (link below). We also talk about how he got started writing for motorcycle magazines, the bikes he has in his garage, and what he loves most about motorcycles.
LINKS: Moto Mouth Moshe website, Moto Mouth Moshe on YouTube, You Meet the Healthiest People on a Honda

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