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Opmid M1204 Multi Meter

Opmid’s M1204 Multi Meter is a direct plug-and-play replacement for the stock gauge cluster on 2019-and-newer Honda Monkey and Trail 125 models, and it alleviates the two most common complaints about the OEM setup. First, unlike stock, the Opmid’s adjustable backlighting is very bright and visible in all conditions, including direct sunlight. Second, gauge functionality is vastly improved, providing the rider with a wealth of information and customization not available on the factory cluster.

Installation on my 2021 Honda Trail 125 was very straightforward using the included harness. Opmid’s 10-minute installation video (on YouTube) was comprehensive enough for any reasonably competent DIYer to get the job done in 1-2 hours with hand tools. To begin, the stock gauge cluster is removed, and the new meter’s 5 x 3.9 x 2 inches (WxHxD) chassis drops into place. The only tricky part on the Trail is removing the body panels for the first time, since they utilize delicate tabs which can easily break if forced, but the video helps in that regard as well. (The Monkey’s installation is less painful than the Trail’s, since there are fewer body panels to deal with.)

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Once the panels are out of the way, the intake snorkel is removed to allow access to the area beneath, and from here the wiring job begins as the Opmid’s main harness is laid out carefully and zip-tied into place. It plugs directly into the gauge cluster’s sub-harness, stock temperature sensor, and ignition coil. Check that there’s adequate cable slack as the handlebar is turned left to right full lock.

When the Opmid is first powered on, there’s some programming to input front and rear sprocket sizes, rear tire diameter, and the initial value of the odometer (take a picture of your stock odo before removing it, for reference). All the stock figures to input are in the installation videos, but it’s nice to see that the device can be customized for different sprocket combos and wheel sizes as necessary. Once that’s finished, just button everything back up neatly and go for a test ride.

Out on the road, mini-moto riders will be grateful for the upgrade from the dim, spartan stock display. With the M1204 now installed, the rider has the following information readily available (some of which is customizable): speedometer, tachometer, odometer, A/B tripmeters, clock, gear indicator, shift light, fuel gauge, oil temp, voltmeter, oil temp warning alarm, speed warning alarm, oil change reminder, hour meter, and max records (speed, RPMs, and oil temp).

Many of the settings are adjustable if you get into the weeds with programming, but for most Trail and Monkey riders, the primary benefits are the addition of the tach, the gear indicator, and the oil temp reading. The rest is icing on the cake, but it all adds to a more enjoyable riding experience on these pint-sized Hondas.

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