Leod Escapes: Ep. 34 Rider Magazine Insider Podcast

Cat McLeod, the man behind Leod Escapes Motorcycle Track and Tour

Cat MacLeod, Leod Escapes Motorcycle Track and Tour Rider Magazine Insider Podcast

Episode 34 of the Rider Magazine Insider Podcast is brought to you by Fly Racing. Our guest is Cat MacLeod, the man behind Leod Escapes “Track and Tour” motorcycle tours, which combine track days at MotoGP circuits with multi-day scenic sport tours in Italy, Spain, Germany, Australia, and other destinations. Leod Escapes is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2022. We talk about what makes Track and Tours unique, what makes for a successful tour, and what tours are available this year. Cat’s an interesting guy who has turned his passions for track riding and foreign travel into a business. Other than professional racers, not many people can say they’ve ridden on 10 MotoGP tracks like Cat has. You can find Leod Escapes’ 2022 Track and Tour calendar at leodescapes.com. You can aslo read our review of a Leod Escapes tour in Italy that included a track day at Mugello.

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