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Adventure Designs Premium Highway Pegs with Secret Storage

Sometimes it takes a while to reach good ADV riding, so I wanted highway pegs to stretch out my legs. I was looking to mount them to aftermarket crash bars so the peg system folds away flush. That way, the crash bars can do their job if the need arises. What I found works great on my BMW F 750 GS are Premium Highway Pegs with Secret Storage from Adventure Designs.

Machined from aluminum in California by a family-owned company, the pegs are about 5 inches long folded back, and when deployed they stick out about 3.75 inches. The peg itself is 1 inch in diameter. The surface is machined with a grippy cross hatch pattern and finished with silver or black anodizing. Tension balls in the hinge snick the pegs into detents at both the deployed and folded positions. The mounting hardware and U-bolt are zinc coated to resist oxidation.

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Premium Highway Pegs with Secret Storage

Importantly, the mount’s multi-axis adjustability allows it to go pretty much anywhere there’s room on a round crash bar (7/8- to 1-inch diameter). Given all the ADV bikes and aftermarket crash bars out there, this design offers flexibility to provide the reach and height you find comfortable. During installation, I put the bike on the centerstand and played with the pegs’ location before tightening everything up.

I’m finding these pegs do the job they’re designed for while addressing my preference for keeping things flush. Bonus: The hollow space inside each peg provides storage to hold a couple waterproof matches (or perhaps something you’d light with a match), a couple rolled up twenties, or what have you that fits into a space that’s 0.5 inch in diameter by 2.75 inches long. A slotted cap screw with an O-ring should keep the inside dry. The cap screw fits snuggly; I cannot remove it without a tool. A penny works if you don’t have a screwdriver.

Premium Highway Pegs with Secret Storage

When mounted to the black crash bars on my mid-size GS, the black highway pegs are hardly noticeable when folded back, but I sure notice them when my feet are resting in a different position for a while. Aaaaah… They’re not as luxurious as the flat pegs or floorboards found on big touring bikes, but they feel fine, and as I’ve mounted them, they fold away nicely for ADV duty. (Plus, they have secret storage … shhh, don’t tell anyone.)

Adventure Designs offers its Premium Highway Pegs with Secret Storage in black or silver. A set costs $199.99.

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  1. I ordered a pair back in December and I still have not received them. Adventure Designs won’t reply to any of my messages. I looked up their reviews on Yelp and this seems to be pretty common with them. I will never order anything from them again.


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