2022 Indian Motorcycle Lineup | First Look Review

An updated Ride Command system and new colors highlight Indian’s 2022 range.

2022 Indian Motorcycle
The 2022 Indian Motorcycle lineup has been announced, covering Challenger, Chieftain, Roadmaster, Indian Springfield, and Scout models.

Indian came out of the gate early last year with an all-new Chief platform and a revised FTR lineup for the 2022 model year. The full 2022 Indian Motorcycle lineup features an updated Ride Command system and fine-tuned traction control on select models, as well as new colors and accessories.

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2022 Indian Motorcycle
Indian’s Ride Command System has been updated for 2022.

Ride Command-equipped 2022 models now feature a speed limit overlay, reminding users of the current speed limit on a street-by-street basis. The system also benefits from faster loading times and expanded Bluetooth connectivity this year. The new features are included on 2022 models and available as a software update on 2020-2021 Indians.

2022 Indian Challenger

In addition to the robust Ride Command system, Indian also retuned the PowerPlus 108-powered Challenger’s traction control for smoother engagement. The platform has been refreshed with new colors as well.

Indian Challenger: Rider’s 2020 Motorcycle of the Year

2022 Indian Motorcycle
2022 Indian Challenger
2022 Indian Motorcycle
2022 Indian Challenger Limited
2022 Indian Motorcycle
2022 Indian Challenger Dark Horse

The standard Challenger comes in Black Metallic and Titanium Smoke with an MSRP of $23,999. Starting at $27,999, the Challenger Limited is offered in Black Metallic, Maroon Metallic, Spirit Blue/Black Metallic paint options. The Challenger Dark Horse, on the other hand, retails for $28,499 in Black Smoke, Bronze Smoke, and Indy Red/Black Metallic colorways.

2022 Indian Springfield, Chieftain, and Roadmaster

Indian’s Thunder Stroke models also receive fresh liveries for the 2022 model year. Starting at $21,999, Springfield buyers can choose between Maroon Metallic/Crimson Metallic and Black Metallic/Dirt Track Tan color schemes. Additionally, the Black Smoke and Quartz Gray paint options complement the Springfield Dark Horse’s black finish and starts at $22,499.

2022 Indian Motorcycle
2022 Indian Springfield
2022 Indian Motorcycle
2022 Indian Springfield Dark Horse

The Chieftain goes back to basics with Black Metallic paint job and a $21,999 MSRP. However, at $27,999, the Chieftain Dark Horse amps up the options with Black Smoke, Ruby Smoke, and Quartz Gray paint jobs. The top-of-the-line Chieftain Limited commands $28,749 but sweetens the deal with premium Silver Quartz Metallic and Deepwater Metallic colorways.

2022 Indian Motorcycle
2022 Indian Chieftain
2022 Indian Motorcycle
2022 Indian Chieftain Dark Horse
2022 Indian Motorcycle
2022 Indian Chieftain Limited

The Roadmaster returns in Black Metallic or Maroon Metallic/Crimson Metallic paint and costs $29,999. At $30,499, the Roadmaster Dark Horse boasts Black Smoke, Polished Bronze, and Silver Quartz Smoke liveries while the Roadmaster Limited comes with a $30,749 price tag and Black Azure Crystal and Crimson Metallic colorways.

2022 Indian Scouts

Indian doesn’t forget the Scout family either, bringing back the Scout (MSRP $$11,999), Scout Sixty (MSRP $9,999), Scout Bobber (MSRP $10,999), Scout Bobber Sixty (MSRP $8,999), and Scout Bobber Twenty (MSRP $11,999). The base-model Scout now features Black Metallic, White Smoke, Maroon Metallic, and Silver Quartz Metallic/Black Metallic paint while the Scout Sixty keeps it simple with Black Metallic and Storm Blue color schemes.

2022 Indian Motorcycle
2022 Indian Scout
2022 Indian Motorcycle
2022 Indian Scout Sixty
2022 Indian Motorcycle
2022 Indian Scout Bobber Sixty

The Scout Bobber line take the paint options to the Nth degree with 2022 Scout Bobber Sixty offering Black Metallic, Black Smoke, Quartz Gray, and Ruby Smoke. The Scout Bobber now comes in Black Metallic, Alumina Jade Smoke, Maroon Metallic Smoke, Stealth Gray, Silver Quartz Smoke, and Titanium Metallic, while the Scout Bobber Twenty is available in Black Metallic, White Smoke, Maroon Metallic, and Silver Quartz Metallic/Black Metallic.

2022 Indian Motorcycle
2022 Indian Scout Bobber
2022 Indian Motorcycle
2022 Indian Scout Bobber Twenty


Along with the model updates, Indian expands its accessories catalog with Spirit Lake Luggage Collection, LED lighting add-ons, and hard fairing lowers for the Indian Challenger platform. The Scouts also benefit from the extensive collection with new piggyback rear shocks and a 5.75-inch Pathfinder Adaptive LED headlight.

2022 Indian Motorcycle
New Pathfinder Auxiliary LED Saddlebag Lights do not require any drilling, but rather feature a convenient peel-and-stick adhesive for easy and quick install.
2022 Indian Motorcycle
Indian’s new Spirit Lake Luggage Collection includes a Rack Bag, Day Bag and Touring Bag (shown).

For more information or to find a dealer near you, visit indianmotorcycle.com.


  1. I like the Indians, bit I’ll probably never have one. I’ve been in email contact with the nearest dealer about looking at a Dark Horse Challenger since August of last year. They’ve never gotten one in for me to even look at.

  2. Once again Polaris follows. When they had the opportunity to build Victory into a MoFo American Marque and created the “Sports Cruiser” category with the “92 SC”, (I owned 2) they rolled over and showed their pink parts! The thrill of throwing a 700lb SC into a corner and watching the sparks from the hero tabs in my rearview was one of my best memories on 2 wheels.

    But instead of going forwards to refine the product, they killed the SC. Instead of hiring on somebody like Roland Sands or Erik Buell, they got sucked into the Arlen Ness vortex and Instead of an innovator, they went with a customizer.

    Back in the days when you could call Spirit Lake and get Bob VonVett on the phone, I would call every few weeks and beg them to reintroduce the SC with an all aluminum frame and block and a few carbon panels to drop 75 or 80 pounds off the wet weight and boost the power by 15HP. I’d say “Bob you wont be able to build em fast enough” and he’d say “If only they’d let me”

    But alas, Victory is dead and gone and I don’t see a bright future for Indian either. They’re doin the same thing all over again. America already has a classic V Twin and that’s not goin anywhere.

    Design an upright, lightweight (Under 600 wet) powerful V twin…and you wont be able to build em fast enough!


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