2022 Indian Chief Lineup | First Look Review

2022 Indian Chief Lineup Announced Lead
The Indian Chief lineup has been updated and expanded for 2022.

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Chief, Indian Motorcycle has revamped the entire lineup for 2022 (though the Chief debuted in 1921). In a nod to post-WW2 Indians, the lineup includes an updated Chief and two new models: the Chief Bobber and the Super Chief. Other models include the Chief Dark Horse, Chief Bobber Dark Horse and Super Chief Limited. Pricing starts at $14,499.

All Indian Chiefs are powered by the air-cooled, 49-degree Thunderstroke V-twin, in either 111ci (1,811cc) or 116ci (1,890cc) displacement, with 6-speed transmissions and belt final drive. Every model has a low 26-inch seat height, and standard equipment includes keyless ignition, ride modes, cruise control, rear cylinder deactivation and LED lighting.

2022 Indian Chief

2022 Indian Chief in Ruby Smoke
2022 Indian Chief in Ruby Smoke

With cast wheels and a 19-inch front hoop, a solo saddle, midmount foot controls and a drag-style handlebar, the Indian Chief is the most modern and sporty model in the lineup. Powered by the Thunderstroke 111 that makes 108 lb-ft of torque (claimed), it has a slim headlight bucket, exposed preload-adjustable rear shocks and optional ABS. With a wet weight of 670 pounds, it’s the lightest model in the Chief lineup. The Indian Chief is available in Black Metallic, Ruby Smoke and White Smoke, pricing starts at $14,499.

2022 Indian Chief Bobber

2022 Indian Chief Bobber in Black Metallic
2022 Indian Chief Bobber in Black Metallic

Following the success of the Scout Bobber, it’s only natural that Indian would add a variation to the Chief lineup. The Chief Bobber has mini-ape hanger handlebars paired with forward foot controls for an upright riding position. Powered by the Thunderstroke 111, it rolls on 16-inch wire wheels, has fork and shock covers, a large headlight bucket wrapped in a nacelle, and a mix of chrome and black finishes. ABS is optional. The Indian Chief Bobber is available in Black Metallic and Ruby Metallic, pricing starts at $15,999.

2022 Indian Super Chief

2022 Indian Super Chief in Black Metallic
2022 Indian Super Chief in Black Metallic

Ready to hit the road for days on end in comfort and style, the new Super Chief features a quick-release windscreen, saddlebags, a touring seat with passenger pad, floorboards and traditional pullback handlebars. Like the Chief Bobber, the Super Chief is powered by the Thunderstroke 111 and has 16-inch wire wheels, a large headlight bucket with nacelle, fork covers and optional ABS. Its fully chromed shotgun-style dual exhaust enhances its classic style. Available in Black Metallic and Pearl White, pricing for the Super Chief starts at $18,499.

2022 Indian Chief Dark Horse

2022 Indian Chief Dark Horse in Alumina Jade Smoke
2022 Indian Chief Dark Horse in Alumina Jade Smoke

Dark Horse models are known for their blacked-out finishes, dark paint and minimalist styling. At the heart of the Indian Chief Dark Horse is the Thunderstroke 116 that belts out 120 lb-ft of torque at the crank (claimed). It also features a 4-inch round instrument panel with Ride Command, offering turn-by-turn navigation, Bluetooth connectivity and more, as well as standard ABS. The Chief Dark Horse rolls on cast wheels (19-inch front, 16-inch rear) and is available in Black Smoke, Alumina Jade Smoke and Stealth Gray. Pricing starts at $16,999.

2022 Indian Chief Bobber Dark Horse

2022 Indian Chief Bobber Dark Horse in Titanium Smoke
2022 Indian Chief Bobber Dark Horse in Titanium Smoke

The Dark Horse version of the Chief Bobber gets the larger, more powerful Thunderstroke 116 V-twin, the 4-inch display with Ride Command and standard ABS. Sixteen-inch wheels have chrome spokes and gloss black rims, and nearly everything gets a menacing, blacked-out look. The Chief Bobber Dark Horse comes in Black Smoke, Titanium Smoke and Sagebrush Smoke, and pricing starts at $18,999.

2022 Indian Super Chief Limited

2022 Indian Super Chief Limited in Maroon Metallic
2022 Indian Super Chief Limited in Maroon Metallic

For touring riders who want more power, safety and sophistication, the all-new Super Chief Limited features a chrome-out Thunderstroke 116 V-twin, standard ABS and a 4-inch round display with Bluetooth-connected Ride Command. Stunning chrome finishes and rich metallic paint make the Super Chief Limited extra special. It comes in Black Metallic, BlueSlate Metallic and Maroon Metallic, and pricing starts at $20,999.

Cruisers wouldn’t be cruisers without some personalization, and Indian offers a full complement of accessories for the new Chief lineup. Exhausts and the Stage 1 Forward Air Intake, Stage 2 Performance Cams and Stage 3 Big Bore Kit enhance performance. Windshields, luggage options, passenger seats and backrests, heated grips and LED auxiliary lights add touring capability. For more information, visit indianmotorcycle.com.


  1. If I wanted a Harley Davidson I would buy one. Indian does make better bikes but they keep trying to be “like Harley” but Harley owns that identity. Indian, quit trying to be the other Harley. If all you can make are v-twins then sit down and shut up, that trick has been done to death.

  2. 100 years? Seriously? I was born in 1953 and for the next 50 years or so there were NO Indians.
    I am sorry Polaris chose to dump the Victory line. I did like them as the other American bike.
    I’m not a Harley – only guy, having owned several of all the brands. I like bikes!

  3. If these new bikes perform anything like my victory I’m in. Best bike I ever owned. Nothing wrong with a little competition. Keeps the big boys from getting complacent AGAIN. Same as any other products for sale in any other markets someone may have invented it but took someone else to perfect it.

  4. People complain that Indian is owned by Polaris. At least Polaris is a Motor sport company. Harley Davidson used to be owned by AMF… you know, bowling balls and tennis rackets… LOL!

  5. Harley certainly wasn’t the first to make a V twin. Harley hasn’t been the first with anything. They just copy others. Their first V twin was a copy of the French Griffon Motor. There were many brands that built a V Twin before Harley such as the Griffon 1902, NSU 1904, Curtiss 1904, J.A.P. 1905, Indian 1907 and others. Harley was 1909 but only made 27, but the model was faulted and halted production until 1911. So for anyone to say that manufacturers copy Harley doesn’t know motorcycle history.

  6. I agree with Jim. Harley has copied other manufacturers for almost everything. They were not the first to use rear shocks, electric start, over head valves, belt drive, telescopic forks, disk brakes, fuel injection. Harley uses other manufacturers ideas them calls them their own and then they say everybody is copying them.


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