Honda Announces All-New PCX Scooter and Other 2021 Models

Honda has announced one new and three returning small-displacement offerings, which include a sportbike and a trio scooters. Leading the charge for the scooters is the heavily updated 2021 Honda PCX, followed by the 2022 Honda Ruckus, 2022 Honda Metropolitan and 2021 Honda CBR300R sportbike.

2021 Honda PCX

2021 Honda PCX
2021 Honda PCX.

Formerly known as the PCX150, the 2021 Honda PCX features fresh styling, new amenities and an updated 157cc engine.

The oversquare 60mm bore and 55.5mm stroke has led to a 7cc increase in displacement. A larger 28mm throttle body improves fuel economy, Honda says. To boost reliability, the 2021 PCX now employs a hydraulic cam-chain adjuster. 

The Honda PCX’s under-seat storage is capable of holding a full-face helmet.

The double-cradle steel chassis is completely redesigned and provides better handling. Bolted to that new frame are new plastics, which features a much sleeker profile. Riders will also have a handy 30-liter under-seat storage compartment, making trips to school, work or the grocery store a snap. Lastly, a USB charging port is included. 

Other amenities include an LED headlight and indicators, a larger LCD instrument panel, a centerstand, Honda Selectable Torque Control and optional ABS ($100). 

Pricing begins at $3,799, which is only $100 above the PCX150’s MSRP — not too shabby. Availability is scheduled for March and is offered exclusively in Pearl White.

A larger LCD instrument panel is featured on the Honda PCX.

2022 Honda Ruckus

2022 Honda Ruckus
2022 Honda Ruckus in White Pearl Blue.

Returning to scooter fold is the 2022 Honda Ruckus, a fan favorite among customizers. Before the Grom, there was the Ruckus, a bare-bones grocery-getter powered by a spunky 49cc engine mated to a CVT transmission that’s easy as pie to ride. There are no changes coming to the Ruckus this year, outside of color options, which are White/Metallic Blue, Gray, Midnight Blue/Tan. MSRP is $2,799 and will be available in April. 

2022 Honda Metropolitan

2022 Honda Metropolitan
2022 Honda Metropolitan in Coastal Blue.

Featuring European styling, the Metropolitan is a voguish, attractive and compact urban scooter that is sensibly priced at $2,499. Equipped with ample under-seat and in-dash storage compartments, as well as a hook for securing luggage, the Metropolitan is built for the urban environment. A rear carrier is available as an option. Two color options are available; Pearl Soft Biege; Coastal Blue. Availability is slated for April. 

2021 Honda CBR300R

2021 Honda CBR300R
2021 Honda CBR300R in Grand Prix Red.

Honda’s CBR300R lightweight sportbike distills all the CBR thrills into one nimble, capable 286cc single-cylinder powered machine that’s equally adept at taking on the canyons as it is the city streets. The CBR300R is extremely accommodating with its low 30.7-inch seat height and neutral handling, while also boasting a low cost of ownership, thanks to its impressive fuel efficiency. ABS is available as an option ($200). The 2021 Honda CBR300R is available in two color choices; Grand Prix Red and Matte Gray Metallic, and will arrive in dealers this April. Pricing begins at $4,799.

For more information on these models, visit Honda.


    • Joe, I too love cruise control and not having it on a new bike is a deal breaker. However, we had a McCruise system installed on our 2014 CTX1300 and it has transformed a good bike into a great one. Not cheap ($750 + installation) but functions perfectly and worth every penny. After being disappointed with various throttle locks, the McCruise was the last resort. We now regularly enjoy 2-300 mile day trips.

    • I would like to see the ST1300 again as well, as my 2004 (only year in Blue) is approaching 80k miles. Still runs like new and I don’t think twice about long trips. I love that bike. Sadly though I think it’s gone for good. Honda has slimmed the Wing and with the electric screen (finally) and if you squint a little it looks just like the ST so I guess it’s the next best thing. Well, other than the price. I’m still not sure how a motorcycle can cost as much as a decent new car, but that’s what they are asking for. I actually see a little of the ST in the nose of the PCX, which is maybe why I am intrigued enough to be reading this article.

  1. Had a 2013 pcx. Can’t wait to see the new one. Would not hesitate to buy another one. Even worked for longer trips

  2. Your article says of the new PCX, “Availability is scheduled for March”.

    Really?? Where? Honda ships all over the world, and I am pretty sure that some areas have priority based on sales. That usually man’s that the Asian market will see the new models first. The rest of us would like to know when to expect them. I have an older PCX150 that I love, but if I wanted the newest version I wouldn’t want to be without wheels for 6 months until Honda decided to send a shipment my way. That goes for every other country out there in this big, wide world.

  3. I placed order for PCX early May, 2021 with an initial ship date to Michigan being June, 2021. Now the dealer is saying maaaybe September. Not cool.


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