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TCX Rush 2 Waterproof Boots Black
TCX Rush 2 Waterproof Boots in Black

The TCX Rush 2 Waterproof boot is a low profile, user-friendly boot designed for the rider with an active lifestyle. Whether you’re touring or commuting, the flexibility and ease of use that comes with a low-cut boot is appealing. For those who don’t let dark clouds get them down, the Rush 2 Waterproof features a T-Dry liner that has proven to be leak-free. Comfort is a high point, with ample padding throughout in addition to an Ortholite foot bed.

While low-profile boots do not offer the same protection level as a proper full-sized boot, TCX hasn’t forgotten about the motorcycle-specific protection that riders demand. The Rush 2 boasts guards for your malleolus bones, those protrusions on either side of your ankle, as well as toe and heel counters that will help deflect impacts should things go south. Also, robust leather is sure to provide all-important abrasion protection. The sole offers a decent amount of grip on both standard aluminum and rubber-mounted footpegs. Notably, the sole is supportive and stiff enough for sporty riding but remains comfortable when walking around off the bike.

TCX Rush 2 Waterproof Boots Grey/Yellow
TCX Rush 2 Waterproof Boots in Grey/Yellow

Another benefit is the amount of feel available when shifting or braking, as bulkier boots can sometimes numb the senses. There is dedicated shift pad, which is always appreciated. Other helpful features include reflective paint at the heels and malleolus areas. Securing everything tightly is a lacing system with a hook-and-loop band that prevents the laces from getting hung up in the controls of your motorcycle.

Available in men’s sizes 3.5-13, the Rush 2 Waterproof boots are a smart option for those looking for a versatile boot ready to take on the daily commute, weekend rides or other short trips. And with an MSRP of $159.99, they won’t break the bank, either.

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