New Rent-a-Bike Service from Twisted Road

Twisted Road

Rent one of more than 2,000 privately-owned motorcycles nationwide with Twisted Road, with its all-new website and newly added supplemental insurance options. A rental bike through Twisted Road doesn’t have restricted mileage and is billed as a flat, per-day charge. Both owner and renter are verified via the local DMV, and rentals include $100,000 in free liability protection with the option to increase up to $1 million, as well as up to $25,000 in damage protection.

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  1. Where are your rental sites? State, City.
    Phone numbers, price lists. Rider requirement, bikes that are available etc.

  2. Just go to Put in your location and the dates you want to rent and you’ll get a list of what’s available within x number of miles.

    They aren’t new. They been around for a couple years (?). If you live in a bigger city you may get lucky. Where I live there’s not much available.

  3. I rented through Twist Road. I don’t really have anything bad to say about Twisted Road itself. They are nice guys and their system works ok… when it work. However, I was unfortunate in that a renter totaled my bike and put himself and two other people in the hospital. It took two months to get paid for my bike and I was not reimbursed for several thousand dollars worth of accessories. Worse, I get calls from attorneys from the injured parties. My attorney says I was out of my mind to rent my motorcycles even with “$1MM coverage”. I’ve lost far more in time and money renting my bikes than I gained and if I get dragged to court it’s not over yet. I appreciate what they’re trying to do but a clearer and smoother process for when things go wrong needs to be in place.


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