2019 Indian Roadmaster Elite | First Look Review

2019 Indian Roadmaster Elite
The new-for-2019 Indian Roadmaster Elite is an ultra-premium, limited-edition V-twin luxury touring motorcycle–only 200 will be made.

When it comes to Indians built on the Chief platform, with its big, heavily chromed, air-cooled Thunder Stroke 111 V-twin and cavernous saddlebags, the Roadmaster is at the top of the heap. Re-introduced for 2015, the Roadmaster made its debut in 1947, the same year the illuminated Indian head “war bonnet” was first seen on front fenders. Like the original, the new Roadmaster was designed for luxurious, two-up touring, and the modern version has a stylish upper fairing equipped with an electric windscreen, wind-blocking fairing lowers, a large trunk with passenger backrest and a long list of touring amenities.

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2019 Indian Roadmaster Elite
Designed for two-up touring in style and comfort, the 2019 Indian Roadmaster Elite has a full list of premium touring features.

For 2019, Indian is rolling out the Roadmaster Elite, an ultra-premium, limited-edition model–only 200 will be available–that brings together modern touring features and classic styling, with an exclusive Wildfire Red Candy over Black Crystal paint job with 24-karat gold leaf badging. The pain-staking paint process takes nearly 30 hours to complete and is finished by hand.

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2019 Indian Roadmaster Elite
The Indian Roadmaster Elite’s exclusive, hand-finished Wildfire Red Candy over Black Crystal paint job with 24-karat gold leaf badging takes nearly 30 hours to complete.

The Roadmaster Elite gets an upgraded 600-watt PowerBand Audio Plus system, with high-output fairing, trunk and saddlebag speakers that are 50 percent louder than the stock system on the 2019 Roadmaster. PowerBand Audio Plus has an enhanced nine-band dynamic equalizer that auto-adjusts at different vehicle speeds to compensate for road, wind and engine noise to deliver clear sound quality regardless of riding condition.

2019 Indian Roadmaster Elite
The Indian Roadmaster Elite’s 600-watt PowerBand Audio Plus system has high-output fairing, trunk and saddlebag speakers and an equalizer that auto adjusts based on speed.

Other premium features include leather passenger armrests, billet aluminum rider and passenger floorboards, a premium touring console, billet aluminum pinnacle mirrors and chrome bumpers.

Several technological features are designed to enhancing the riding experience:

    • Selectable Ride Modes: Tour, Standard and Sport modes allow the rider to adjust the bike’s throttle response to fit their riding preferences.
    • Rear Cylinder Deactivation: When the engine reaches operating temperature and the ambient temperature exceeds 59 degrees, the rear cylinder will automatically deactivate when the bike is at a standstill, resulting in less engine heat for improved rider comfort in slow-moving or stopped traffic. The rear cylinder instantly reactivates when throttle is applied for a seamless transition to full power. Redesigned fairing lowers provide optimal airflow for improved comfort.
    • Ride Command: Indian’s Ride Command system is said to be the largest, fastest, most customizable infotainment system on two wheels. The 7-inch, glove-compatible touchscreen features turn-by-turn navigation, customizable rider information screens, Bluetooth compatibility and pairing with the Indian Motorcycle Ride Command mobile app for remote accessibility to key vehicle information. Riders can also plan a ride route with up to 100 points on the Ride Command website and wirelessly transfer it to the bike via Bluetooth.
2019 Indian Roadmaster Elite
Indian’s Ride Command infotainment system has a 7-inch, glove-compatible touchscreen, turn-by-turn navigation, customizable rider information screens, Bluetooth compatibility and pairing with Indian’s mobile app.

Standard Roadmaster features are also found on the Elite, including full LED lighting, a leather two-up touring seat with individual seat heaters, ABS, heated grips, keyless ignition, an electric windscreen, central locks for the luggage and more than 37 gallons of storage space, including a trunk that holds two full-face helmets.

Pricing for the 2019 Indian Roadmaster Elite starts at $36,999 and it’s available now.

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  1. Polaris is really getting out of hand with the price of these bikes. Bike looks like it is from the 1950s. Who wants a new bike looking like that. Long live Victory.

    • More than the number who wanted Victory bikes, which is why the closed Victory: Indian was outselling Victory bikes by a fair margin. With that said, I don’t totally disagree with you. Not everyone wants the 50’s styling, myself included. Indian is moving towards designs that are heading in a different direction it would seem. The new Chieftain is definitely moving towards a different design direction with new fairing, bags, and non-valanced fenders which in my opinion, is their best looking bike yet. It’s been well received too, so I’m hoping we’ll see more of their product matrix.

  2. Absolutely ridiculous bike. And not just the price. Whatever happened to riding a “motorcycle”?
    I’m surprised it doesn’t have a push button trap door on the seat so you can take a whiz while riding. If this was all that was available on the market, I’d give up riding.

    • If you don’t like it at least explain what you think is wrong with it. Just saying it’s big and expensive is, well lame. This is an extraordinary bike purpose built for extraordinary people. If its not what your looking for or that doesn’t describe you, Hoda has a whole line of scooters to suit your needs. Happy riding….

      • He’s actually saying what’s wrong. For one, it’s too expensive. 36k dollars is a rediculous amount of money limiting yourselves (Indian Mfg.) to a select clientele. The rest has to do with esthetic, technology. It’s no LONGER JUST a bike, it’s now F16 fighter jet. This is just my interpretation, is all. Both Indian and Harley produce nice bikes imho, I just can’t afford one.

  3. There are enough of us out there that recognize and appreciate the value of all serious bikes and this one hits the mark for its intended market….. those that spend a lot time covering a lot of miles on open roads and can afford this level of bike. I love sport bikes, adventure bikes and serious touring bikes and this one certainly could fill the serious touring bike slot, but I can’t afford it. That doesn’t make me jealous though, I’m looking forward to spotting one while I’m out there rolling the miles. My wife will probably see it first and be punching me in the shoulder pointing. Though I still can’t warm up to the looks of that heavy front fender if I could afford one I could fix that. Keep ‘em coming Indian!

  4. Beautiful bike! Sorry, Haters. I wouldn’t change a thing that I see – only problem is I can’t afford the beast, but that’s not Polaris’ fault. I’ll keep an eye out, and you can bet if I see one paarked I’ll probably slobber on it.

  5. I bought the Yamaha Star Venture Transcontinental and it comes with features both Indian and Harley-Davidson charge you extra for.

    I just can’t understand why Indian refuses to include a hydraulic clutch on this motorcycle, he’ll even Harley-Davidson finally put a hydraulic clutch on there touring bikes.

    Dollar for dollar nothing out there beats the Yamaha Star Venture Transcontinental.

    Yamaha Star Venture Transcontinental:

    Reverse with forward, check
    Electric windshield, check
    Engine modes, touring & sport, check
    Heated seats & heated rider & passenger back rest, check
    Hydraulic clutch, check
    Infotainment system with navigation, check
    Large saddle bags, check
    Large trunk, check
    Frame mounted fairing, check
    Power to spare, check
    Great handling, check
    Easy slow speed & parking lot handling, check

    Both the Indian Roadmaster Elite $36,999 and the Harley-Davidson CVO Limited $43,799 don’t include everything the Yamaha Star Venture Transcontinental gives you at $26,999.

  6. With over 45 years and 500,000 miles of riding, my wife and I would love to get a Roadmaster. I wish they would add a hydraulic clutch, frame mounted fairing and, lower the price. I would love to buy an American made bike, but my last few bikes have been Yamaha V-Stars. High quality, great bikes and no break-downs. Not to mention, affordable on nay budget. A new bike shouldn’t cost more than my Grand Cherokee. But, like the previous post, I too will be drooling over the Roadmaster.

  7. Love this bike. It is now Feb.18 2021. Dealer has some in stock at a much better price.Trading in my harley to get one.
    Kids college paid, House paid. Will borrow money on house. Take write off. Tax savings will almost pay for bike.
    Just because I want it does not mean I want to pay for it.


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