2019 Can-Am Ryker | First Look Review

Can-Am Ryker Rally Edition
The Ryker, shown here in the off-road oriented Rally Edition with optional color panels, is a new, more affordable 3-wheeler from Can-Am. (Photos courtesy BRP)

Can-Am’s lineup of 3-wheeled Spyders has condensed over the years to a handful of large, powerful, top-spec–and therefore expensive–models. In an effort to recapture the younger market, or simply those who have a hard time stomaching a $20k Spyder, Can-Am has announced two new models under the new Ryker family name, and they start at just $8,499.

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All we’ve got to go on for the moment are photos and brochures, but the new Ryker looks small, aggressively futuristic and stripped down to the bare essentials. The standard model has a low solo saddle perched over a single-sided swingarm that also houses the driveshaft, with the rider wrapped forward around the hulking engine compartment.

Can-Am Ryker
The Ryker appears to be everything you need and nothing you don’t. Solo seat can be accessorized with a rear passenger seat, a top case or saddlebags.

Given its price point, we expected the feature list to be abbreviated compared to the higher-end Spyder models, but most of the important stuff is still there. All Rykers come with a CVT automatic transmission with reverse, Can-Am’s Vehicle Stability System (VSS) with ABS, traction control and stability control, a UFit custom fitting system that is user-adjustable with no tools or extra parts required, a double wishbone front suspension with Sachs twin-tube coil-over shocks and a single rear shock, a 4.5-inch digital display, a Digitally Encoded Security System (D.E.S.S.), Hill Hold Control, front fenders with integrated LEDs, and dual USB ports.

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The standard Ryker comes with a choice of three Classic color options, Intense Black, Adrenaline Red and Yellow Shock. Buyers can upgrade to other color and graphic options  and swappable parts include the sides, hood, wheels, fly screen and rear spoiler.

In fact, between the color options and Can-Am’s accessories, there are apparently more than 75,000 combinations available.

Can-Am Ryker
Rotax 600 ACE parallel twin is the base engine option for the standard Ryker.
Can-Am Ryker
Larger Rotax 900 ACE is a $1,500 option on the base Ryker and is standard on the Rally Edition.

The Ryker can be equipped with one of two engines, the Rotax 600 ACE parallel-twin with a claimed peak of 47 horsepower and 35 lb-ft of torque, or the Rotax 900 ACE with 77 horsepower and 56 lb-ft of torque.

In a first for Can-Am, and something I’ve been wishing for ever since I first rode a Spyder, the Ryker will also be available in a Rally Edition designed for tackling dirt roads. All Ryker Rally Edition models are powered by the Rotax 900 ACE engine and also feature hand guards, a skid plate, extra radiator protection, reinforced wheels shod with special dirt-worthy tires, one inch of additional suspension travel, KYB HPG suspension with front preload adjustment and a rear shock with remote reservoir, 4-position compression damping and preload adjustment, a special Rally seat with extra foam cushioning, a MAX Mount rear rack and a special Rally Mode traction control setting for dirty fun drifting.

Can-Am Ryker
Color panels can be easily interchanged for a custom look.

Pricing starts at $8,499 for a standard Ryker powered by the Rotax 600 ACE, with the upgraded Rotax 900 ACE-powered Ryker priced at $9,999. The Rally Edition (which comes standard with the 900) is $10,999.

Accessories include a MAX Mount rear rack, passenger seat, saddlebags, FOX Performance Series front suspension, auxiliary lights, an adjustable windscreen, a top case and a foldable passenger backrest.

We’ll get our chance to actually ride the new Ryker next week, on September 19, so look for more details and a riding review shortly!


  1. I would have to add the windshield, passenger seat and back rest, saddle bags, just say all those accessories you mentioned. Now how much more $$$ will that bring the Ryker up to out the door and I would definitely have to have the 900 motor?

  2. I was hoping to see Can Am provide a hand brake option for any new model coming out. I get people are good with the foot pedal…that should be fine in most cases. I think Can Am is missing an opportunity here and need to sort this out with their brake supplier. These 3 wheelers are perfect for people with any leg/foot disability because of the innate stability and ease of use. There is a market for these options as evidenced of the aftermarket for hand brakes. Either that or the dealers can work with a couple of aftermarket suppliers to build something legit. One can hope!

      • I just rode the new Ryker at the launch yesterday and asked about the hand brake option. The Can-Am people said the name of the company making the kit is ISCI Ride and it retails for $1695.

    • That right on! I have a friend with limited you of his right leg. I would also use a hand brake more than the foot brake but why not both???

    • After a lifetime of relying mostly on the front brake, it’s quite unnerving to have no lever handy (test rode a Ryker recently). I guess I’d get used to it eventually.


  4. OMG! This is the same motor Skidoo is using in some of their sleds! Skidoo offers it with a turbo charger rated at 150 HP! I wonder if this turbo will be offered in the accessory catalog? The possibility makes my eyes boggle!

  5. Can’t wait for my new toy! I’m a 62 year young grandmother of 2 and life is pretty sweet😂 having this option for me with a 3-wheeler is perfect! I rode motorcycle 30 years ago however after a spill I had lost confidence… so this Ryker 900 I chose will be a blast for running around during the week ( I’m retired) and riding with my husband on weekends👍 Thank you Can Am

  6. Love it I a 65 years old own two Harleys but with health issues had to make a change rides different than a two wheeler but am getting use to it love that you don’ t to have to put feet down when you stop lots of power have the 900 engine


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