Road Warrior Ride Sponsored by Can-Am Supports Wounded Veterans

Road Warrior Ride
Images courtesy of the Road Warrior Foundation.

Since 2014, Can-Am has supported the Road Warrior Foundation in its mission to help wounded veterans recover and learn how to rebuild their lives through what it calls “adventure therapy”…i.e. the feeling of riding on the open road. Each year, the RWF hosts its signature event, the Road Warrior Ride.

Road Warrior RideThis year, ten veterans, mostly in their 20s and 30s, rode Can-Am Spyders From Austin, Texas, to Charleston, South Carolina. As always, most of the veterans were inexperienced riders, getting their motorcycle endorsements just a few weeks before the ride. This was by design, as part of the therapeutic process is giving them the experience of taking back control of their lives, succeeding at learning a new skill and then of course having fun.

Road Warrior RideAs the group travelled, they were joined by 25 to 100 or more Can-Am Spyder owners, American Legion riders and members of the Patriot Guard. They also enjoyed numerous police escorts, including one by a Spyder F3-P police unit.

If you’d like to learn more about what the Road Warrior Foundation does, visit their website at


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