Wunderlich SaferView Mirrors, Sidestand Foot Enlarger and Highway Pegs

Perhaps you’ve used stick-on blind spot mirrors that sacrifice some mirror real estate for a small, distorted view of the blind spot. SaferView mirrors for BMWs provide a larger field of view with far less distortion. The dual-contour mirror surface expands blind spot coverage with a slightly convex main section and an aspheric outer edge. Now vehicles approaching from behind remain visible in the mirror as they become visible in my peripheral vision while I’m looking at the mirror, effectively eliminating the blind spot. The mirrors have a gold anti-glare tint. I often ride west toward the Berkshire Hills at first light, which puts the low morning sun in my mirrors. The tint cuts the glare. It helps with headlights at night, too.

Sidestand Foot Enlarger nearly triples the side­stand’s footprint.
Sidestand Foot Enlarger nearly triples the side­stand’s footprint.

They won’t replace a head check (not for me), but SaferView mirrors significantly enlarge the view behind and reduce glare. At $69 each side they aren’t cheap, but they’re especially useful on the BMW R 1200 RT, which has mirrors mounted rather low on the fairing. They’re cut to shape for several BMW R, G and F models and mount with glue (supplied).

Those sidestand pucks found at bike shows help keep your sidestand from sinking into soft ground. A junction box cover or crushed soda can works, too. But you need to have it with you when the need arises and remember to take it when you go. The Sidestand Foot Enlarger solves both problems. It’s nicely machined aluminum that attaches precisely to the OEM sidestand foot with screws and shouldered washers. (I put a drop of blue thread lock on each screw.)

Applying middle school geometry, I calculated an increase from 3½ square inches to 10, almost tripling the area contacting the ground. It does the job, looks good and you can’t forget to take it with you. Wunderlich offers sidestand enlargers for several BMWs, including liquid-cooled RT, RS and R models, R-GS, F-GS and K-LT. Prices range from $43 to $61 depending on model.

Highway Peg Attachment Clamps enable Super Grip Pegs to fold out to a secure perch for boots, or fold back in and out of the way.
Highway Peg Attachment Clamps enable Super Grip Pegs to fold out to a secure perch for boots, or fold back in and out of the way.

Being able to stretch yours legs and change position in the saddle adds comfort for long rides. Highway Peg Attachment Clamps are universal U-bolt mounts that attach to engine guard bars. Super Grip Pegs attach to those clamps to provide a light, sturdy perch for boots.

Initially I mounted the clamps perpendicular to the bike, but after a test ride I adjusted them so the Super Grip Pegs are swept back slightly when deployed. Now they’re perpendicular to my boots. Much better. With everything in position, I dressed up the mounting nuts with the supplied caps.

Remove your feet from the pegs at highway speed and the wind gradually pushes the pegs back into their folded position. The folks at Wunderlich America assure me that’s by design so the pegs aren’t sticking out when not needed. The clamps are $119 a pair (silver or black) and Super Grip Pegs are $49 a pair (black).

For more information: Call (866) 830-9990 or visit wunderlichamerica.com



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