CFMoto: Affordable But Well Made

CFMoto 650TK
CFMoto 650TK

CFMoto only began manufacturing motorcycles in 2000, and in 2007 it expanded into its present 1.6 million square-foot plant in Hangzhou, south of Shanghai, with a 1,520-strong workforce steadily ramping up production of bikes and scooters, but especially ATVs, in which CFMoto is a market leader.

CFMoto emphasises quality of manufacture, rather than low cost, so while its bikes are well priced, they’re also well made and durable. Its emphasis on quality sufficiently impressed KTM president Stefan Pierer to forge an alliance with them, and last year CFMoto assembled 1,000 KTM 200/390 Dukes for home market sale.

“We built up a very good trust level with CFMoto–they are a very serious Chinese company,” says Pierer. “We’ve now arranged to do a 50/50 joint venture on KTM products made in China for sale worldwide. They have a new entry-level model called the 150NK that was created for them by our partners Kiska Design, so we will supply them with KTM engines to produce a 200cc or even bigger version. I’m happy to attach the KTM name to something made by them.”

The respect is mutual.

“KTM is a cool brand, aimed at young people who value sharp styling and good engineering,” says CFMoto’s President, Lai Guogui. “It’s CFMoto’s ambition to position our own products in a similar segment of the market.”

CFMoto is setting the pace for other much larger Chinese companies in product development. Its range of new models from 200cc to 650cc will cement its lead over other Chinese manufacturers in delivering attractive motorcycles to overseas customers that are both affordable, and cool.

To read about the CFMoto 650TK, CLICK HERE.


  1. I am totally unfamiliar with CFMOTO. This article makes them sound far above that which I have come to expect from China. I hope this is true. This all sounds very hopefully interesting. If that 125cc looking thing in the picture that says it is a 650 is real, wow.

      • Hey, that was just cruel. Showing us that tiny little pocket racer and calling it a 650. 🙂 Seriously though, just read the TK650 reveiw and I couldn’t have hoped or anything better. If it just turns out to be RELIABLE , it looks like the Chinese have finally gone and done it. All they need now is a dealer network comparable to the Japanese to be a truly major player. That’s also what several other European manufacturers are lacking, unfortunately. Yes, undoubtedly the hardest part to accomplish.

    • This seems to be a step up for a Chinese brand, especially for a manufacturer like KTM to work with them. That is a big leap of faith. In fact it now makes me wonder about what KTM is up to. The bottom line no doubt. And opportunities to break into a huge market. Pretty smart when you think about it in those terms.

      Regardless, no thanks. I’m not going to take a chance that in a year or two this thing is going to look like crap. The lack of resale is also obvious. In a few years of development it could get really good, though. That is, if these things make it back. Which would suggest that they were here before and sold product. Sounds like a warranty support nightmare…

  2. I’m convinced the Chinese can produce high-quality products as well as anyone else, anywhere in the world, as long as outside interests concerned mostly/only with lowest price stop pressuring them to make only the cheapest of goods.


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