Tour Master Rincon Jacket Review

Last summer I acquired a three-quarter length Tour Master Rincon jacket, and after wearing it once for a 90-something-degree commute, it promptly got stuffed into the closet in exchange for something more lightweight. This past winter I dug it back out and now there’s no way I’d be out there on these 40-degree mornings without it. The only way I’d be warmer is if I were wearing electric apparel—or commuting to work in my car with the heater blasting.

Tour Master Rincon Jacket
Tour Master Rincon Jacket

My size small men’s jacket weighs in at 5.15 pounds with the full-sleeved liner zipped in. Tour Master describes it as a 320-Denier nylon/polyester blend with an oiled cotton feel. To me, it feels soft, almost like twill, not that usual textile feel. TM claims that it’s waterproof. I’ve worn the Rincon in light rain for about half an hour and no water leaked through, though I cannot vouch for extended riding in heavy rain.

The collar is soft and higher cut in the back. Unfortunately, the jacket only comes in men’s sizes and the wide collar is clearly made for typically thick-headed, I mean thicker-necked, men, so I cannot cinch it tight enough with the hook-and-loop fastener. To keep air from flowing down the front of me, I wear a scarf wrapped several times around my neck to block the airflow.

The Rincon’s got pockets galore, and good-sized ones at that. There are four large pockets on the front that secure with both hook-and-loop and snaps so you’d have to try real hard to lose the contents of them. The chest map pockets have mesh lining and double as vents. If I hadn’t so hastily stuffed the jacket away last summer, I would have found that the 12-inch zippered back exhaust vent works well in conjunction with the chest and arm vents for good airflow. When I unzipped all the vents at the start of my morning commute one day (and left the liner in), I was so cold that I pulled over after five miles to batten down the hatches. I’ll have to give the Rincon another chance sans liner this summer.

The jacket has removable CE-approved armor at the shoulders and elbows, and a triple-density back protector. I really like how the back protector is pliable and doesn’t interfere with riding no matter if I’m leaned forward on a sportbike or sitting upright on a cruiser.

The main front zipper is heavy-duty and I’ve had no problems with it sticking or getting caught, and a double flap covers the main zipper to keep air from leaking in. There’s also a zippered fanny pack that doubles as another exhaust vent.

I think the Rincon is a bargain for $159.99. Check out if you’re interested. It comes in S-3XL in men’s sizes in black.


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