Safe Ride LED Motorcycle Deceleration Warning Light Review

Safe Ride LED Warning Light
Safe Ride LED Warning Light

STOP! Motorists failing to recognize when motorcycles slow down in traffic can lead to dangerous collisions. Visibility is greatly increased with Safe Ride, a lighted early warning system for the back of your motorcycle. Its patented microprocessor-controlled G-force sensor activates a bright, strobing red LED to warn following vehicles that the motorcycle is decelerating before the brake light goes on. It works for any reduction of speed, including downshifts and throttle roll-offs. Safe Ride draws minimal power (170 milliamps), its LED can last up to 100,000 hours and it is fully water-, shock- and vibration-proof. Easy to install, prices start at $159.99.

Powersport Innovations, 17683 Summerlin Road, Fort Myers, Florida 33908; (239) 481-0274;


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