Rotopax Review


Have gas, will travel. But how to carry it? When the pioneers were crossing the American west in Conestoga wagons, the key to survival was water. Today, we can cross the same rugged country that challenged the pioneer spirit at a rate they never dreamed of. But doing so requires fuel. And in recent years, for one reason or another, fuel stops in the wide open spaces have been disappearing. Take a detour or two in Nevada and the 200-mile range of many bikes starts to look minimal at best. Carrying gas is a lot cheaper than installing a new fuel tank, and Rotopax has a strong, easily packable solution to the problem. These rugged, flat profile containers can slip under a bag on your rack, with or without Rotopax’s hard mount system. And a leak-proof cap that won’t vibrate open keeps you and your gear from smelling like a gas station. Check them out at


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