Park-n-Move Review

By Joe Michaud

I can’t speak for everyone’s garage but mine looks as if someone picked it up and shook it. The hassle of moving multiple bikes while perched on their centerstands makes access to my bench and bike lift difficult.

Aaron Zimmerman at Legal Speeding has a cure. His Park-n-Move is a heavy-duty dolly that supports a bike on its centerstand and glides on four casters, two of which are lockable. The platform elevation is quite close to the concrete floor and the bike is very stable. The stand is rated at 1,100 pounds and can be stored easily when not in use.

I have owned motorcycles with centerstands that were a delight to use. My Ducati ST3 is not one of them. I’ve always felt the centerstand assist handle on the red Italian cruise missile is positioned too low for comfortable balance. I’ve been marginally timid about its use, thus I approached the Park-n-Move with a bit of trepidation. Website video instructions suggest keeping the bike in gear with the sidestand deployed. Position the unit beneath the centerstand, then simply rock the bike up as usual. The castors allow the platform to move slightly, easing the bike up onto the stand. That method simply would not work with the Ducati. The handle is too low to guarantee a secure rocking motion. However, it only took seconds to remove the seat, allowing me to grab a frame rail, and the bike loaded as easily as advertised. My ’68 Triumph loads without any problem; the loaner bikes from our weekend breakfast ride group loaded easily enough once the technique was explained.

When a bike is on the “Park-n-Move,” the combo rolls smoothly and the weight of the bike is easily controlled with minimum fuss. I was able to maneuver a dollied bike quite close to other machines, comfortably overlapping their handlebars and footpegs. This considerably tightened up the storage area and suddenly, my workspace seemed larger. Two bikes can be stored in a footprint not much larger than one bike.

Park-n-Move motorcycle dolly
Park-n-Move motorcycle dolly

Laser-cut from 3?8-inch steel, the “Park-n-Move” is a chunky product; I’m guessing 30 pounds. The casters are quality ball-bearing units that roll smoothly when loaded. All assembly fasteners are provided. The unit glides under my roll-around toolbox, out of the foot path when not being used.

Are there any downsides? Well, niggling complaints…it’s heavy. No big deal, though, as it lives on the floor. Also, its minimum ground clearance won’t traverse the carpet runners on which my bikes usually sit. But I’ve since adapted to that issue.

If you need to share floor space with cars, bikes or yard equipment, the Park-n-Move is a treat for $199, plus shipping. The Legal Speeding website has in-depth video tutorials for assembly and use. Now, if there were a simple solution to get my sidestand-equipped, big-as-a-cow American V-twin to glide around the shop, I’d be happy.

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