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Nevada Motorcycle Rides

2016 Honda Africa Twin DCT – Touring Review

2016 Honda Africa Twin DCT tour test

Hi-Yo, Silver! We haunt some Nevada ghost towns on a real-world touring test of the 2016 Honda Africa Twin DCT. It’s easy to find yourself alone in Nevada. Well north of Las Vegas, black mountains ring expanses of high desert in the Great Basin so vast they make Death Valley look like a sand trap. U.S. Route 50, America’s so-called ...

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Chasing Shakespeare: An Elizabethan Tour of the American West


The Plan “…then begins a journey in my head…” (Sonnet 27) Bourbon and conversation, biscuits and gravy, movies and popcorn–some things just seem to go together. Having always enjoyed a good pairing of my favorite things, I conjure up a plan to unite two seemingly disparate personal obsessions into one fine journey. It’ll be a comingling of Shakespeare and motorcycles. ...

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Las Vegas Moto Vacation: Beyond the Neon and Slot Machines


We all know about Las Vegas, either from our own visits or from movies and television; a constant barrage of lights, dinging slot machines, erupting volcanoes, gargantuan fountains, big name shows and sleepless nights. But after the convention is over and your head clears, the Las Vegas area also has some great riding and awesome sights, whether you rent or ...

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Nevada’s Loneliest Road…and it isn’t U.S. 50

Cathedral Gorge_0101

U.S. Highway 50 across the breadth of Nevada is billed as the state’s loneliest road. Having traversed U.S. 50 numerous times, I have to disagree. U.S. Highway 93 down the eastern length of Nevada is nearly 200 miles farther and extends through as much emptiness and lonely towns as the former. But that doesn’t mean the route is devoid of ...

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Great Basin Motorcycle Ride: Nevada, Oregon and California


Story by Denis Rouse; Photography by Dominic Arizona Bonuccelli [This Great Basin Motorcycle Ride was originally published in the May 2008 issue of Rider] Quick, you old experienced touring rider out there, arise and identify the largest physical feature of the American West. The Rocky Mountains you say? Sorry, Larry. Take your seat. Think of the Great Basin and 210,000 ...

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Western States Adventure: Rugged Southwest


story and photography by Jonathan C. Beck If there’s one constant in adventure touring on a motorcycle, it would be to expect the unexpected. For this Southern California rider and his three East Coast friends, our week-long Western states adventure was, if anything, defined by the unexpected. I got the call that a small contingent of riders was planning to ...

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Motorcycle Riding in Death Valley


You want shock and awe? I was shocked and awed, riding the biggest production V-twin made along a winding road that was dropping thousands of feet from the Inyo Mountains down into Panamint Valley, hustling this 800-pounder along nice new asphalt, occasionally scraping the boards on a turn, heating up the brake discs, generally having a really good time, when ...

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Motorcycle Travel in Nevada: The Great Basin


Oh give me land, lots of land, under starry skies above, don’t fence me in. Let me ride through the wide open country that I love, don’t fence me in. Cole Porter Oh yes, but not on a slow nag. I’ll take that new Honda, the silver one with that gorgeous 103-horsepower flat-six engine that gives me the Porsche heebie-jeebies, ...

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