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What the Heck is a Farkle?

Farkled-out Kawasaki KLR650.

If you’ve spent much time around sport-touring or adventure-touring riders, you’ve likely heard a strange term being tossed casually around, typically at rallies or Saturday morning pre-ride coffee. “Farkle.” You’re a smart cookie though, and have figured out that it seems to refer to motorcycle accessories…but why are some accessories “farkles” and others are just, well, accessories? Or is there ...

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Ducati XDiavel S Wins “Good Design Award 2016”

2016 Ducati XDiavel S

When Ducati introduced the Diavel for 2011, which had a long-and-low profile, hot-rod styling and a massive 240mm rear tire, the Italian company known for its sleek, bright red superbikes didn’t call it a “cruiser.” But five years later, when Ducati rolled out a heavily revised version called the XDiavel, which features maximum torque at lower revs, a feet-forward riding ...

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Engine Oil: A Slippery Subject


If you want to start an endless war on any online motorcycle forum, just ask, “What’s the best oil?” and stand back. There are countless self-described experts who are happy to tell you all about the oil that lets them go 10,000 miles between changes, or the one that increases gas mileage and horsepower by 50 percent. In fact, the differences ...

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Kawasaki’s Ultra-Exclusive Ninja H2 Carbon

2017 Kawasaki Ninja H2. The ultra-exclusive Carbon edition will have a carbon fiber upper cowl, mirror-finish paint and a serial number plate.

Is owning a “normal” 200-horsepower, supercharged, aerospace-engineered superbike not quite enough? Or, more likely, are you a motorcycle collector? If the answer to either of those questions is “yes,” then feast your eyes on the limited edition Kawasaki Ninja H2 Carbon. Read our First Look Review of the original 2015 Ninja H2 The Ninja H2 Carbon features a carbon fiber ...

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EagleRider Offers Million-Mile Warranty on Motorcycle Purchases

EagleRider logo

EagleRider, which rents motorcycles and operates guided and self-guided tours from locations across the United States and around the world, has announced that it will now offer motorcycle buyers Million Mile Limited Powertrain Protection. EagleRider’s rental fleet includes a variety of Harley-Davidson, Indian, Honda, Triumph, BMW and Polaris Slingshot models, which are regularly maintained and serviced by the company’s technical ...

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Aerostich Pop-Up Event Scheduled for Portland, OR


Perhaps it’s in response to the wild weather the Portland, Oregon, area has been experiencing as of late…or perhaps it’s just because the spring riding season will soon be on us. Aerostich has announced one of their famous Pop-Up Events for the Portland area, February 23-26. This four-day event will take place in Milwaukie, Oregon, just south of Portland, and ...

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Federal Highway Administration Seeks Nominations for Motorcyclist Advisory Council

Federal Highway Administration logo

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is establishing a Motorcyclist Advisory Council (MAC) and is currently seeking nominations. The MAC, which will operate for two years, “will coordinate with and advise the FHWA Administrator on infrastructure issues of concern to motorcyclists, including: (1) Barrier design; (2) road design, construction, and maintenance practices; and (3) the architecture and implementation of intelligent transportation ...

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Ride For Kids 2017 Schedule Announced

Ride for Kids Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation

Do you enjoy spreading positivity and hope to those around you, especially those who are suffering? Do you like riding motorcycles? How about being surrounded by like-minded folks? Oh, and food. Then you should participate in your local Ride for Kids event. Ride for Kids is the longest-running, most successful motorcycle charity event in the nation. Since 1984, motorcyclists have ...

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2017 Triumph Street Cup | First Ride Review

2017 Triumph Street Cup

You may have heard, but retro styled, classic bikes are “in” right now, and few, if any, manufacturers do retro better than Triumph. The boys in Hinckley are clearly doing something right; Triumph says sales of its “modern classic” Bonneville line are up 68 percent with the crop of new and revamped models last year. And we were impressed enough ...

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