KTM Warranty Extensions Offered for 2024 Street Models

2023 KTM 790 Adventure
The KTM 790 Adventure is one of several models that will receive a KTM warranty extension.

Owners of 2024 KTM motorcycles with LC8c engines, as well as LC8 Street and Travel models, will now be able to extend their warranties at no charge simply by servicing their motorcycles at an authorized KTM dealer. In addition, the warranty for KTM PowerParts and KTM SpareParts installed by an authorized KTM dealer at the time of purchase will be extended to 24 months for all street models.

“We always advise our customers to use the official KTM network to get their motorcycles serviced, purely because the staff are trained on those particular models – and many more! – and use approved parts and accessories where applicable,” said Jens Tuma, senior head of customer service for KTM. “This way we can ensure best possible quality and value preservation of the bikes, and it’s also a big reason why we’re really happy to make this warranty extension offer for KTM customers around the world.”

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2024 KTM 990 Duke review
2024 KTM 990 Duke (Photo by Francesc Montero & Sebas Romero)

The KTM LC8c non-R models that fall under a 24-month warranty include the KTM 790 Duke, 790 Adventure, 890 SMT, and 990 Duke. If owners of these models get their bikes serviced within the 24-month warranty period, their coverage is extended until the next service up to a max of four years.

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2024 KTM 890 Adventure R Rally
2024 KTM 890 Adventure R Rally

The KTM 890 Adventure R and 890 Adventure R Rally have an initial 12-month warranty that can be extended for another 12 months of coverage when a scheduled service is performed for a max of two years from the initial take-into-use date.

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2024 KTM 1290 Super Adventure R
2024 KTM 1290 Super Adventure R

The LC8 non-R range includes the KTM 1290 Super Duke GT and 1290 Super Adventure S, and these motorcycles can get an increase from 24 months of warranty to a max of three years. The LC8 R-range models include the KTM 1390 Super Duke R Evo and 1290 Super Adventure R and can extend from 12 months to an additional 12 months for a max of two years.

For more information or to find your local KTM dealer, visit the KTM website.

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  1. I didn’t buy a KTM a couple years ago after a friend had troubles with his, one cylinder not firing. I’m not sure an additional year (two total) is enough to convince me to purchase one as I tend to hang onto bikes that I buy. A 2006 Honda, 2016 Honda, 2019 Yamaha and a 2021 Kawasaki that are now all out of warranty but the reliability of each one with regular maintenance cannot be beat. I enjoyed the Demo days riding KTM models but the brand doesn’t come trouble free, at least enough for me to purchase.


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