Buell Amasses $120M in Super Cruiser 1190 Preorders

Buell Super Cruiser Roland Sands Design
The Buell Super Cruiser was designed in partnership with Roland Sands and features Buell’s existing 1190cc V-Twin in an FXR-inspired chassis.

Buell has announced that it has surpassed $120 million in preorders for its new Super Cruiser 1190, which will go into production in 2025. This impressive amount over only six months of preorders shows an enthusiastic interest in the Super Cruiser and will help Buell continue growing its company.

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The Super Cruiser 1190 was designed in collaboration with famed builder Roland Sands and was unveiled in February 2023 at Roland Sands Design’s complex in Long Beach, California. It uses a new steel-tube frame, is powered by Buell’s liquid-cooled V-Twin that produces a claimed 175 hp, and weighs in at only 450 lb. This club-style hot-rod, which was also seen at Daytona Bike Week in March, has clearly attracted enough attention to draw in big dollars for Buell even before production starts.

2022 Buell Hammerhead 1190 review
Buell re-entered the consumer motorcycle market in 2021 with the Hammerhead 1190, the fastest production sportbike built in the USA.

“Americans love style, muscle, and performance,” says Bill Melvin, CEO of Buell. “The Super Cruiser breaks the mold for all three, and the response shows that Buell simply nailed it. This is utterly unheard of for an American V-Twin.”

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Buell re-entered the motorcycle scene in 2021 with two new models. The company now has a five-model lineup, including the Hammerhead 1190 and Buell 1190SX sportbikes, the SuperTouring, and the 185-hp Baja Dune Racer dirtbike. The Super Cruiser will use Buell’s existing 1,190cc sportbike engine and a chassis inspired by Harley-Davidson’s FXR, which Erik Buell helped design. The Super Cruiser is estimated to retail for $20,000-$30,000.

Buell Super Cruiser Roland Sands Design
An impressive preorder amount proves that the Super Cruiser is already attracting customers – and lots of them.

This hefty preorder number has cemented Buell’s commitment to continue growing its company. Buell is looking to create jobs, collaborate with suppliers and vendors, and find development partners.

“We’ve laid a solid foundation over the last two years with an amazing team and support from West Michigan leaders,” said Melvin. “Now, the overwhelming demand for the Super Cruiser puts Buell on a trajectory for significant long-term growth. This ramp-up will be nothing short of exhilarating. Anyone interested in joining us for this exciting ride – in any capacity – should reach out now. We want to work with you.”

For more information, visit the Buell Motorcycle website.


    • The Blast was reduced to a “Cube” in a trash compactor as even Buell decided it was a mistake. Glad you liked your Blast.

  1. Interesting there seems to be big interest in this when Victory’s “sport cruiser” V92SC, SC again, was basically a flop when it was introduced in 2000 as a valid performance cruiser for its time.

  2. One would think that Buell would be scrambling to get this motorcycle into production ASAP while there is so much interest. Making those interested wait while bragging about the $1.2m interest seems like a very bad business model. Also, It gives HD and Indian to ramp up and get a more affordable option to market. I was excited about this Buell, but wait a year or two? I’ll just buy a sport Chief. Sure it has less hp and isn’t as unique but it will still wheely on command and do rolling burn out…. Buell dropped the ball on this one…

  3. It at least seems possible that the secret to keeping a company named Buell out of bankruptcy is to make sure not to employ Eric Buell. I said possible not probable.

  4. Something seems off with that number of $120M. The company states that the bikes are $25k-$30k. Assuming 10% down to pre-order that would mean 40,000 people preordered the bike which would mean that one bike would represent almost 10% of all the motorcycles sold in the US that year and it would outsell ALL the other manufacturers across their entire lineup. Honda is projected to sell ~23,500 units this year. That just doesn’t seem possible.


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