2025 CFMOTO Ibex 450 Review | First Look

2025 CFMOTO Ibex 450
2025 CFMOTO Ibex 450 in Zephyr Blue

When the 2024 CFMOTO lineup was announced last October, notably absent was the 650 ADVentura middleweight street-adventure bike. However, added to the company’s lineup were two new naked sportbikes, one of which is based on its 450 platform, and at the annual AIMExpo in Las Vegas, the company announced two new bikes based on that same platform: the 2025 CFMOTO Ibex 450 adventure bike and the 450CL-C cruiser.     

2025 CFMOTO Ibex 450
2025 CFMOTO Ibex 450 in Tundra Grey

The Ibex 450 features a liquid-cooled 449cc parallel-Twin with DOHC, a 270-degree crank, and dual counterbalancers all working together for a claimed 44 hp at 8,500 rpm and 32.5 lb-ft of torque at 6,250 rpm. The engine is mated to a 6-speed gearbox with a slip/assist clutch. 

When we tested the 650 ADVentura in the summer of 2022, one of the things we noted was the lack of traction control. This has been added on the Ibex 450, as well as the ability to turn both TC and ABS off at the rear wheel by pressing a button on the handlebar.

The Ibex 450 has a fully adjustable KYB inverted fork and a multi-link rear monoshock with adjustable rebound damping and preload and an external gas reservoir for steady damping and enhanced heat dissipation. Suspension travel is 8 inches front and rear, and ground clearance is 8.7 inches. The 32.3-inch seat height/ride height can be lowered to 31.5 inches via an integrated lowering link.

A great feature, especially at this price point, is tubeless spoked wheels, which are in 21-inch front / 18-inch rear sizes that are compatible with a wide range of dual-sport/adventure tires.

2025 CFMOTO Ibex 450

Stopping power comes from J.Juan components, with a 4-piston caliper biting a single 320mm disc up front and single-piston caliper and 240mm disc in the back. 

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The Ibex 450 has a chromoly steel frame, tool-less windscreen adjustment, foldable mirrors, an adjustable handlebar, handguards, an aluminum alloy skid plate, and a 4.6-gallon tank. Dry weight is 386 lb, and we’re told it’s about 425 lb fully fueled and ready to ride.   

The Ibex 450 also features full LED lighting, a 5-inch TFT with Bluetooth and CFMOTO Ride app connectivity, and a USB type-C charging port. 

2025 CFMOTO Ibex 450

The 2025 CFMOTO Ibex 450 will come in Zephyr Blue or Tundra Grey and start at $6,499. 

For more information, visit the CFMOTO website

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  1. Weird how it’s taking so long in the US. Here in Australia the bike was announced in December and pre orders were opened then with the first bikes expected to arrive in late March.

  2. Amazing the cross-spoke tubeless wheels…on a 450 no less.

    CF Moto must have been going over the archives of all the riders -begging- the big four to bring out such a bike. Then 1-upped those demands.

    I probably admit to a bit of bias against Chinese bikes, but when they deliver above and beyond the lackadaisical big 4, then I’m getting out my checkbook.

  3. This CF, the Kove, updated Himyies, it’s going to be a good year for disciples of ADV …

    I wish the CF was a thumper though. But will reserve judgement for when I see it. We have 3 CF dealers in a 50 mile radius here, so if my states any indication, parts should not be an issue.

    I bought a Benelli as a commuter bike because inexpensive. I had no expectation of it, only hoped it would start every day. I’ve been very surprised by it. It’s gets beaten like a Piñata at kids a fiesta, and just keeps running.

    All that is saying, I think the sleeping giant has awaken. China will be a positive addition to motorcycling.

  4. Not sure if anyone here remembers but I remember especially in media like movies or cartoons, “made in Japan” was synonymous with cheap or junky. Japanese products are better than German or American products nowadays and China has become the new “made in Japan”. With advancing globalization any country is capable of producing top quality goods as long as a significant commitment and investment is made to see it through.
    It’ll take a lot more positive reviews like the one above to convince me however to buy my first Chinese made motorcycle.


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