New and Cool Motorcycle Gear: January 2024

Keep up with the latest in motorcycling gear, parts, accessories, and products with Rider’s New and Cool Motorcycle Gear monthly installments. The items in this list are available now.

IMTBike Motorcycle Tours

New and Cool Motorcycle Gear Jan 2024 IMTBike Moto Tours

IMTBike has been conducting motorcycle tours since 1997, and its expertise, attention to detail, and personal service keep clients coming back year after year. The 2024 calendar is available now and includes details about tours in Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, the Alps, and Morocco, along with MotoGP tours and global tours in Turkey, Thailand, Japan, and Vietnam. IMTBike’s fleet of more than 200 BMW motorcycles will be updated with the latest 2024 models, and many tours have new improved routing. View the full calendar on IMTBike’s website.

SMK Agnar Full-Face Helmet

New and Cool Motorcycle Gear Jan 2024 SMK Agnar

Unveiled at the EICMA show, SMK’s new Agnar full-face helmet follows in the footsteps of the Titan model but features improved aerodynamics thanks to advanced air channeling systems that encourage airflow. The liner is removable and washable, and a chin curtain blocks wind below the chinbar. The helmet features an internal retractable sunshield, a Pinlock-ready and quick-release faceshield, speaker pockets, moisture-wicking antistatic fabric, a breath deflector, and a quick-release chinstrap. Available in six solid colors in sizes XS-2XL. See your dealer for pricing.

MachineartMoto ADVance Guards

New and Cool Motorcycle Gear Jan 2024 MachineartMoto ADVance Guards

MachineartMoto’s ADVance Guards protect your hands from weather and debris and provide adjustability to better suit your needs and riding conditions. The sliding shields can be adjusted between high or low coverage positions without using tools, and the front insert is removable for more or less airflow, allowing the rider to adapt to different weather conditions on the go. The guards are made with an impact-resistant nylon composite frame, and the front inserts come in a choice of six colors. These guards are available for a variety of ADV models for $229.

Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport S23 Tires

New and Cool Motorcycle Gear Jan 2024 Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport S23

The Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport S23 tires are new for 2024. Improving on the popular Battlax Hypersport S22 tires, the next-generation S23 sport tires are engineered to meet the requirements of track riding and to turn faster lap times. They use a new compound on the edge portion of the tread for optimal grip when cornering at deep lean angles on both road and track. The updated pattern, which incorporates Pulse Groove Technology, is claimed to provide improved stability and handling even in wet conditions. See the website for sizes and your dealer for pricing.

SW-Motech Drybags

New and Cool Motorcycle Gear Jan 2024 SW-Motech Drybag

SW-Motech’s Drybags have been updated with improved materials, more functionality, an upgraded design, and simplified fastening. Made with PVC material with an elastic texture, all Drybags are waterproof and can fit most motorcycles. They are soft and flexible, making them easy to roll up, and feature MOLLE attachment on the outside. The six models in the lineup are easy to combine thanks to new straps and buckles, and the integrated handles on the sides make for convenient transporting. Prices range from $94.95 for the Drybag 180 to $219.95 for the Drybag 700.

Optima Orangetop

New and Cool Motorcycle Gear Jan 2024 Optima Orangetop

The Optima Orangetop battery is designed for powersports applications to provide long-lasting power. It utilizes Hypercore Lithium Cell Technology and Optima’s patented Powerlink for battery control, status, and charging. The microprocessor-controlled battery management system monitors and controls all functions automatically, and Optima’s CPR technology automatically disconnects your battery from parasitic key offloads to preserve power. The Orangetop comes in six sizes to fit a wide range of powersport vehicles. Available starting at $199.99.

Adriatic Riviera Motorcycle Tour

New and Cool Motorcycle Gear Jan 2024 Adriatic Moto Tours Adriatic Riviera

Ride great roads along Croatia’s coast on the Adriatic Riviera tour by Adriatic Moto Tours. This tour mixes coastal and mountain riding and offers delicious food, fishing villages, beaches, medieval walled cities, Roman ruins, and islands. The tour starts in Ljubljuana, Slovenia, then heads south into Croatia and through the Plitvice National Park. The tour then takes a rest day in Dubrovnik in southern Croatia before following the coast back north. The tour covers about 1,000 miles, and dates for 2024 are May 4-12, Aug. 24 to Sept. 1, and Sept. 28 to Oct. 6. Pricing starts around $4,000.

Husqvarna EE 1.18 and EE 1.20 Electric Balance Bikes

New and Cool Motorcycle Gear Jan 2024 Husqvarna EE 1.18 EE 1.20

Inspire the next generation of riders with Husqvarna’s new EE 1.18 and EE 1.20 electric balance bikes made by Stacyc. They can be turned off while kids are learning balance and control and then be turned on once they’re ready to handle a powered ride. The EE 1.18 is designed for kids ages 8-10 and includes three ride modes, 18-inch wheels, a top speed of 18 mph, and a weight of 31 lb. The EE 1.20 is for kids ages 10-12, with a top speed of 20 mph, a larger 36-volt motor, 20-inch wheels, three ride modes, and a weight of 33 lb. Visit your dealer for pricing.


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