New Gear: Indian Quick Release Low-Profile Trunk

Indian Quick Release Low-Profile Trunk
Indian Quick Release Low Profile Trunk

Indian’s new Quick Release Low-Profile Trunk provides extra storage for day trips and small adventures while maintaining Indian’s recognizable style. This trunk features a lockable lid with a side-opening hinge, and a gas strut stabilizes the lid while open.

Its 46 liters (12.1 gallons) of storage fits two half helmets, gloves, and a jacket. The trunk has a 22-lb cargo limit, and the bottom is covered with a soft liner to reduce cargo shifting.

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The quick release design lets you install/remove the trunk without tools, and no power connection plugs are required. Integrated mounting hardware comes off with the trunk.

Indian Quick Release Low-Profile Trunk

The Low-Profile Trunk is available in a multitude of colors for $1,799.99 ($2,319.96 with mounting kit).

For more information, visit Indian’s website.


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