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Motoport Air Mesh Jeans

Bias alert: About 10 years ago, I procured a set of Air Mesh Kevlar overpants from Motoport. In the more than 100,000 miles of riding in every conceivable condition since, my expectations have only been exceeded. They wear like iron and the black Kevlar fabric hasn’t faded a bit, even after thousands of hours in the sun. They are, far and away, the most rugged and comfortable overpants I have ever tested. These new Motoport Air Mesh Street Jeans share much in common with my old overpants.

Upon first inspecting the garment, the impression is one of substance, quality, and extremely stout construction. They’re made of a Kevlar mesh blend on the front and a Kevlar stretch blend on the rear, all safety-stitched. The mesh-blend material is thick and surprisingly rough to the touch. Motoport claims a tear strength of 1,260 pounds with an abrasion resistance of 1,800 cycles before failure for the mesh fabric, and a tear strength of 420 pounds with an abrasion resistance of 1,800 cycles for the stretch fabric, both of which exceed values for competition-grade leather.

Aesthetically, the Air Mesh Jeans are strictly business, with a quasi-militaristic appearance. On our black test model, there are two cargo pockets, two front handwarmer pockets, and gray reflective piping on the lower leg. Internally, the Air Mesh Street Jeans feature what is likely the industry’s most comprehensive armor coverage. There are hip pads, a sacrum pad, thigh pads, knee pads, and shin pads, all fitted in dedicated pockets.

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A plethora of options are available, including various colors, suspenders, alternate pockets, cuffs, armor upgrades, and more. I upgraded to four-layer Quad Armor (three-layer Tri Armor is standard) and added an Aero-Tex waterproof/windproof/breathable pant liner and 1.5-inch reflective striping on the calf area. These jeans are built-to-order for each rider’s measurements and tastes, with a base price of $549 plus options (see website for the full list and pricing).

The Air Mesh Street Jeans are easy to take on and off, thanks to beefy 13-inch-long YKK zippers with thick pull tabs at the cuffs, which are hidden behind Velcro flaps for a cleaner look. The armor requires a break-in period before it conforms to the shape of a rider’s body. It initially felt bulky but molded itself to my lower body over time. After two weeks of steady commuting, the pants felt like a second skin.

The realistic temperature range of the Air Mesh Street Jeans was 50 to 105 degrees, the hottest temperature encountered during testing. For colder temperatures or foul-weather riding, the optional Aero-Tex liner kept me warm and dry down to 30 degrees.

After an adventure-filled three seasons, I have only one minor gripe: The interior of the cargo pockets is the same rough-textured Kevlar mesh material as the exterior of the garment. Some delicate items, like documents or smartphone touchscreens, deserve a soft lining.

Aside from that, I have no doubt that these Motoport Air Mesh Street Jeans will be every bit as reliable as my old Air Mesh overpants. This is not an inexpensive, off-the-rack item, but rather first-class American-made protective gear for the serious motorcyclist.

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