2022 Indian Pursuit Limited and Dark Horse | First Look Review

Adding grand-touring pedigree to the Challenger’s winning formula.

2022 Indian Pursuit

Indian Motorcycle defied the bagger status quo when it released the liquid-cooled Challenger in 2020, which won Rider‘s Motorcycle of the Year award. The firm wasted little time proving the PowerPlus V-Twin’s performance potential with a victory at the inaugural King of the Baggers Invitational. In 2022, Indian is back for a second helping, but this time, the company takes the Challenger’s winning formula and adds a dash of grand-touring pedigree with its new Indian Pursuit models for 2022.

Powered by the same 108 cubic-inch, liquid-cooled PowerPlus V-Twin found in the Challenger, the new Pursuit Limited and Pursuit Dark Horse pump out 122 horsepower and 128 lb-ft of torque (at the crank). While the Pursuit and Challenger share the same power figures, Indian engineers have refined the power delivery for improved low-speed drivability.

2022 Indian Pursuit

The similarities don’t end there though. The Pursuit’s frame-mounted fairing carries over the same blocky design language that made the Challenger such an eye-catcher. However, Indian’s design team adds extra wind protection to the new long-distance tourer in the form of lower leg fairings and a tall, adjustable windscreen. The team further enhances that cushy cockpit with a Touring Comfort seat and heated grips. Combined with the Pursuit’s new power-locking cargo trunk, total storage capacity (with saddlebags) increases to 35 gallons (132 liters), enabling long-haul travelers to embark on far-flung adventures.

Tech also improves cockpit accommodations, with a 7-inch TFT display and Indian’s Ride Command+ system putting Apple CarPlay and turn-by-turn GPS navigation at riders’ fingertips. Both the Pursuit Dark Horse and Pursuit Limited come with complimentary one-year Ride Command+ access, including live traffic and weather map overlays, and the brand’s new vehicle locator.

2022 Indian Pursuit

For customers fully committed to pounding the pavement, Indian also offers a Premium Package for both Pursuit variants. The top-of-the-line trim adds an electronically adjustable Fox rear shock, enabling riders to adapt the suspension to various loads directly from the infotainment control system. The electronic preload system is standard on all Premium-trim Pursuits, and the feature can be added as an upgrade to any Challenger from Indian’s parts and accessories catalog.

2022 Indian Pursuit
2022 Indian Pursuit Limited

Along with the up-spec Fox monoshock, the Premium Package includes a Bosch 6-axis IMU that manages cornering traction control and lean-sensitive ABS, as well as a heated seat and integrated lower fairing driver lights.

With chrome finishes, the Pursuit Limited retails for $29,999, while the Pursuit Dark Horse’s satin black accents raise the MSRP to $30,999. In Premium Package form, the Pursuit Limited jumps to $32,999, while the Pursuit Dark Horse’s sticker price increases to $33,999.

2022 Indian Pursuit
2022 Indian Pursuit Dark Horse

Of course, Indian’s after-purchase catalog includes a wealth of Pursuit accessories such as storage and audio options for the lower fairings, various Spirit Lake Luggage pieces, LED lighting upgrades, and mid-rise handlebars.


  1. Indian hit this out of the park ! I literally cannot stop looking at the pictures, it’s stunning ! Something tells my the boys in Milwaukee won’t be sleeping for a long time!

    Kudo’s Indian, I want one !

    • Totally agree!!!
      Have had zero interest ever in this sort of a bike (former sport biker turned ADV rider!) but this is the first one that got my attention. Wow! Totally knocked the design cues out of the park. Well done Indian!!

  2. I’m not a big cruiser guy, but took a ride on a Challenger and was really impressed. Lower leg protection and a top box added on this new model and now I’m considering them! Definitely a long distance option for me.

  3. After renting the Challenger(last year) for a 400 mile day, I found it a little tall in the saddle for my 32″ inseam. With the added trunk this will move the center of gravity upward, which means it may not handle as well as the standard Challenger. Still a comfortable all day tourer.

  4. Sure does not all like an Indian, should be able to fool some by putting it in a Harley line up with those little fenders. Like some of the updates but the style & profile is gone.

  5. I love Indian…Ride a 2016 Vintage..
    Love Harleys as well…but Indian keeps putting out stuff and Harley is going to throw out another reimaged Icon collection bike…

    Indian is going to bury Harley if they don’t wake up and get it going…I want both to survive.

  6. Really thinking hard on trading my 2020 Road glide limited on one of these. I was thinking Harley was going to release the RGL with it’s new Revolution Max motor and convert to a single shock in the rear this year. I was wrong! This Pursuit is the bike i was hoping Harley to release. Better step up your game Harley, Indian is leaps and bounds ahead of you now! Can’t win the game with just fancy paint alone.

  7. This is the 1st time in life that I’ve ever been compelled to ‘Leave A Reply’…
    I’d consider myself a life long Motorcycle Afacinado who currently owns 6 bikes. This darn Indian Pursuit has to be the absolute baddest high performance, premium, ultalux touring rig ever ! I concur with Scott…
    20 years ago I would have done damn near anything to purchase one ! Now, it’s hard to wrap my almost 64 year old brain around a $35,000.00 motorcycle; BUT, if I am still around and able to ride safely when the bike of today has depreciated enough to sell for $14,900.00 in like new with moderate mileage condition I will be then all in.

  8. Nice.How about real world owner experience with dealer support, service etc. . Still trying to figure out how Wyatt and Billy made it to New Orleans without a Timex or map.

  9. Indian is to Harley as Ford was to Chevy. And I’m just wishing that Honda would get back into the competition with a relaunch of it’s own icon….a 21st Century Valkyrie Interstate.


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