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Q-Mount Pro wireless charging phone mount review

For riders who prefer to use their smartphones for navigation, music, and other functions, mounting and charging while on the go are primary concerns. For obvious reasons, mounts used on motorcycles must be extra secure, as dropping the phone at speed could prove catastrophic. Likewise, wireless charging is a far more convenient option than plugging in, especially in inclement weather.

The Q-Mount Pro combines solid mounting and wireless charging into one IP67-rated weatherproof package, which boasts true one-handed operation for both locking and releasing the phone. Squeezing the two “quick access switches” on the sides of the mount chassis extends four stainless-steel expansion arms outward to approximately 7.25 inches diagonally, enough to easily hold a typical smartphone with a 6.5-inch screen and then some. My test subject was an Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max inside an Otterbox Defender case, which is about the largest rig you can fit within the Q-Mount Pro.

Q-Mount Pro wireless charging phone mount review

Once the phone is placed flat on the mount’s soft silicon mats, it depresses the center button which actuates a spring mechanism, snapping the expansion arms inward to pull tight onto the four corners of the phone. The phone is now firmly locked into position until the quick access switches are pressed in again to release it. The expansion arms have oversized plastic tips that accommodate phone cases up to approximately 0.5 inch thick like the aforementioned Otterbox, so there’s no need to remove the phone from the protective case to mount it.

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The device features a waterproof rocker switch on its rear side that allows the user to toggle between off, Qi wireless charging at 15 watts max, and USB 3.0 charging via a waterproof covered port at the bottom of the Q-Mount’s chassis. USB output is 5V/3A, 9V/2A, or 12V/1.5A. A power indicator LED on its left side lets you know if there’s juice available.

Installation is very simple using the included handlebar mount, which utilizes a ball end to interface with the phone mount chassis, allowing a wide range of adjustment. Once locked in place, the setup is solid and simple to operate with one hand. A mirror mount is also included for even more placement options, though we were happy with mounting to the handlebar.

Wiring is direct to the bike’s 12-volt DC power source, using the included hardwired harness.  

Consult Q-Mount’s website for a comprehensive list of which phones are compatible with Qi wireless charging; nearly every major brand of phone is covered.

In short, the Q-Mount Pro is a functional, inexpensive device that enhances convenience for mounting and charging a smartphone on the fly. MSRP is $45, which includes free shipping.

For more information, visit q-mount.com.

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  1. No mention of any vibration protection, as Apple has deemed motorcycles ‘off limits’ to their new phones, as the camera/stabilization is very sensitive to vibrations

  2. Bart is correct. I have been using my Iphone 13 in this mount for about 8 months and have rode everything, the phone has never fallen out, stopped charging, or been vibrated so much to cause damage. I really like it, but it is slightly bulky. Other than that, amazing value.

  3. My Q-Mount experience has not been positive at all. I trusted this business as a result of this article, and so placed order for everything from wireless charger, dampening system, to mounting system.

    The history is as follows:
    Placed and order on 17 July 2023, the confirmation of the order was prompt and professional. The tracking number provided did not work on the DHL website. Sent an email to Q-mount on 27 July, they responded promptly on the 28th of July informing they would investigate, and send the package via express if the parcel was found to be missing. Heard nothing thereafter so sent a follow up email on 5 August, no reply. Checked with DHL who informed the tracking number is invalid and that I should follow up with Q-mount. Still not receiving a reply from Q-mount I sent another follow up email on 11 August asking the status of the investigation. Q-mount responded since on 31 Aug 2023, stating the parcel was lost, and they would send using express shipping. Since then no further communication despite follow up emails sent: 27 September 2023, 06 September 2023, 31 August 2023, 29 October 2023, 9 November 2023, and 20 November 2023 regarding status of shipping or refund.


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