Zero Motorcycles Updates Electric Lineup for 2022

2022 Zero SR/F electric motorcycle review
2022 Zero SR/F

It’s hard to believe, but Zero Motorcycles has been around since 2006. The company designs and manufactures all-electric motorcycles near Santa Cruz, California, and with each passing year it makes gains in power and range.

Earlier this year, it announced 2022 updates to its S, DS, and DSR models.

For its SR, SR/F, and SR/S street models, Zero says it has made significant improvements in its high-capacity Z-Force lithium-ion batteries, boosting energy density by 20%. Thanks to significant advances in battery design and architecture, these improved power packs come in two standard capacities of 14.4+ kWh and 15.6+ kWh. The“+” designation indicates additional capacity increase opportunities of up to 17.3 kWh.

2022 Z-Force Lithium Ion Battery close-up

The 14.4+ kWh battery configuration will be standard on the SR ($17,995), SR/S ($19,995), and SR/F ($21,495), and the 15.6+ kWh battery configuration will be available as an upgrade on the premium SR/S and SR/F models.

All three models will be able to increase their capacity through a revolutionary on-demand upgrade exclusive to Zero Motorcycles. Maximizing the capacity of the new batteries through those upgrades and combining it with the optional Power Tank creates nearly 21 kWh of onboard energy storage. This breakthrough represents a new high-water mark for Zero’s onboard battery capacity and delivers up to 227 miles of city range and 113 miles on the highway at 70 mph.

2022 Zero SR/S electric motorcycle review
2022 Zero SR/S

“Being the brand that both defined and continues to lead the category of electric motorcycles means that we have the responsibility to push the boundaries of what is possible in electric powertrains,” said Sam Paschel, CEO of Zero Motorcycles. “We consistently work to deliver massive steps forward and not just incremental improvements to our powertrains and our products. As part of that effort, a relentless focus on range improvements, driven by battery capacity and powertrain efficiency, provide the foundations that allow us to transform the rider’s experience and drive acceleration in electric vehicle adoption and sales. These leaps forward in battery technology in our 2022 model line have set a new standard for Zero Motorcycles.”

2022 Zero SR electric motorcycle review
2022 Zero SR

On-Demand Upgrades will unlock these additional battery capacities through the new Cypher Store, an on-demand marketplace of feature upgrades for Zero Motorcycles. These latest software innovations are made possible by Zero’s proprietary Cypher operating system. The latest iteration of the ground-breaking Cypher III+ operating system comes standard on 2022 SR/F, SR/S, and SR models. Cypher III+ also grants owners of those motorcycles access to a suite of range, performance, and feature upgrades on the Cypher Store.

The Cypher Store features a variety of performance options, available either through the Zero Motorcycles mobile app or online at

Included as part of the initial list of features upgrades to be released in Q1 of 2022 are the following:

•Faster Charging

•Extended Range

•Speed & Performance Boost

•Park Mode, Heated Grips

•On-Dash Navigation

All of these upgrades are optional for SR/S, SR/F, and SR with more features and expanded model compatibility planned for subsequent model years.

“The opportunity to customize your motorcycle on-demand is nothing short of revolutionary in the powersports industry,” said Jeremy Kent, GM of Software and Parts & Accessories for Zero Motorcycles. “We’ve created the ability to instantly improve the performance of our products without much more than a Wi-Fi signal, offering a dramatic shift in how Zero’s motorcycles can grow and evolve along with the owner.”

All Cypher Store upgrades will be available for purchase and installation on the Zero Motorcycles mobile application, website, or even directly from any Zero Motorcycles dealership worldwide by early spring 2022.

2022 Zero SR

2022 Zero SR sits in a dark garage space
2022 SR

New battery technology and access to Cypher Store upgrades headline the list of improvements to the 2022 SR. Built on Zero’s distinctive exposed steel trellis frame, the SR shares the performance DNA of Zero’s most premium options at a more affordable price.

2022 Zero SR/F sits in a garage space
2022 SR/F
2022 Zero SR/S driving past lights
2022 SR/S

“The SR is the motorcycle that really established the electric naked street category and it’s significant that it be the first model to introduce all of these new technologies,” said Abe Askenazi, CTO of Zero Motorcycles. “Now, with the array of never-before-seen features, the SR is the most adaptable motorcycle ever and is poised to maintain its prominence for years to come.”

The 2022 SR is powered by the proven ZF 75-10 motor tuned to deliver 122 ft-lb of torque, 74 horsepower, and a top speed of 104 mph. Enabling the Speed & Performance Boost via the Cypher Store unlocks the full capabilities of the motor as well as upgrades the SR to Advanced Bosch Motorcycle Stability Control, which adds cornering capabilities to its existing straight-line ABS, traction control, and drag torque controls.

When equipped with all available Cypher Store battery capacity upgrades and the additional Power Tank accessory, available in early 2022, the SR’s total battery capacity can be increased to 20.9 kWh, Zero’s largest onboard battery capacity ever. Also new to the SR is the ability to charge from the public EV charging network via standard J1772 connections.

The 2022 Zero SR retails for $17,995, and will be available in early 2022. For more information or to find a dealer near you, visit


  1. The only thing revolutionary about their new DLC model is the ability to squeeze more money out of customers for features already in their possession. Unless it’s making a loss in every basic package bike it sells, what they are trying to do is hobble the motorcycle you’ve paid for with software locks. I’ve been rooting for zero motorcycles in hopes that they’d be able to lower the price to compete with ICE bikes, with this greed-based model, this brand is dead to me, and for the sake of consumers everywhere I hope it’s dead to them too.

  2. Cost / benefit & features should really get much better. I have a 2017 SR (13 kWh) and I don’t see any major real steps in cost/ performance.
    Expectation: same bikes 25% lower price or real 33% increase in all areas like battery, charging etc.

  3. Just bought a soco tc max.
    2 years and I’ll be upgrading to an open unrestricted licence in Australia. Fingers crossed 2 years will see dramatic price drops and better battery on e motor bikes.


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