2020 Indian Roadmaster Elite | First Look Review

2020 Indian Roadmaster Elite
2020 Indian Roadmaster Elite

With a limited production run of just 225 motorcycles, Indian’s Roadmaster Elite returns for 2020 with a larger Thunder Stroke 116 air-cooled V-twin, a full list of touring amenities and an all-new custom paint scheme. 

2020 Indian Roadmaster Elite
The 2020 Indian Roadmaster Elite is powered by the larger Thunder Stroke 116 V-twin that debuted last fall on many of Indian’s heavyweight models.

Each Roadmaster Elite undergoes a meticulous paint process that takes more than 30 hours to complete and is finished by hand. The new Thunder Black Vivid Crystal over Gunmetal Flake paint with off-set red pinstripes and exclusive red Elite badging with matching push-rod tubes delivers a new, meaner and sportier look. The 19-inch precision machined wheel under the valanced front fender adds to this look, while still maintaining a classic aesthetic. 

2020 Indian Roadmaster Elite
2020 Indian Roadmaster Elite

New for 2020 is an upgraded 600-watt PowerBand Audio Plus system that is said to deliver exceptional sound and clarity from high-output fairing, trunk, and saddlebag speakers. The PowerBand Audio Plus system features an enhanced nine-band dynamic equalizer that auto-adjusts specific frequencies to the optimal level at different vehicle speeds to compensate for road, wind and engine noise.

2020 Indian Roadmaster Elite
The 2020 Indian Roadmaster Elite has a 600-watt PowerBand Audio Plus sound system.

“The Roadmaster itself delivers the ultimate touring experience, but the Roadmaster Elite takes that experience to an even higher level, designed specifically for riders who pay attention to each and every detail,” said Reid Wilson, Vice President for Indian Motorcycle. “Whether riding around town or across the country, the Roadmaster Elite is a statement maker – packed with all the modern touring amenities riders would ever need or want, with an aesthetic that is captivating.”

As Indian Motorcycle’s most powerful air-cooled engine, the Thunder Stroke 116 features a new high-flow cylinder head that makes a claimed 126 lb-ft of torque. Three selectable ride modes (Tour, Standard and Sport) allow riders to adjust the bike’s throttle response to fit their riding preferences.

2020 Indian Roadmaster Elite
The 2020 Indian Roadmaster Elite features Indian’s Ride Command infotainment system.

The Roadmaster Elite also features Indian’s Ride Command system, said to be the largest, fastest, most customizable infotainment system on two wheels. The seven-inch, glove-compatible touchscreen features turn-by-turn navigation, customizable rider information screens, Bluetooth compatibility, and pairs with the Ride Command mobile app for remote accessibility to key vehicle information. New 2020 connected features include traffic and weather overlays, so riders can plan their ride to avoid traffic and poor weather conditions. Riders can also plan a ride route with up to 100 points on the Ride Command website and wirelessly transfer it to the bike via Bluetooth.

Premium touring amenities include tank-mounted analog fuel and volt meters, rear cylinder deactivation and full Pathfinder LED lighting with driving lights. Comfort is enhanced by a genuine leather two-up touring seat with individual heating for both the rider and passenger, passenger armrests, heated handgrips, backlit switchgear and a power-adjustable flare windscreen. Also standard are ABS, keyless ignition, weatherproof and remote-locking saddlebags, a spacious trunk that fits two full face helmets and more than 37 gallons of storage space.

Pricing for the 2020 Indian Roadmaster Elite starts at $38,999. 

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  1. I’m still waiting for Indian’s version of the Victory Vision.
    I have 93,000 miles on my 2011 Vision, and I’d like to update my ride.

  2. I have a ugly motorcycle , I have an Adventure bike, however this is the Ugliest gaudiest motor cycle of ever seen. Looks like they just through crap on it just because they could. I like to see how many they sell. Those will buy anything

  3. Nice loaded status symbol for folks who want to impress. Maybe it’ll be collector device since there will only be 225 of them. Similarly, you don’t see many HD CVO custom bikes roaming in all weather conditions around the country…

  4. A 50+ year rider, primarily touring, I’m looking for Indian to put the liquid cooled engine in this touring model. That engine has plenty of punch for touring. I’ve been doing great on my 1300 cc bike for past 100,000 miles, in all but one state and all Canadian Provinces.

  5. I love the Indian motorcycles and this one is nice too but I’m curious how top heavy it is. I had neck surgery years ago and so my upper body strength is very weak. I currently ride a Suzuki Boulevard C90T with the gas tank at the bottom of the frame and it’s very well-balanced with a low center of gravity. This beast looks like it would be all I could do just to lift it off the kickstand. I’m also not a big fan of that front fender design. I think it really makes the bike look gawdy….personal preference is all.

    Ride safe. Ride smart. Live to ride another day.

  6. They have established the link between the Indian name and the new Polaris motorcycle line with the skirted fenders, I get it. The question now is what will they the new touring class motorcycles look like? Indian is Victory and they both are Polaris, no shame in the Polaris name. I was starting to become really intrigued with the new Victory styles. Harleys new bike sales is struggling terribly because their 2020 bikes look 20 years old, why not buy an old one and save $20k. I’m excited to see the styles, not how you can make a new bike look like 1957. The Challenger looks like it is moving in that direction though.

  7. If you like the liquid cooled engine in the challenger you can custom build one on the Indian site. You can add a tour pack, speakers, heated seat and grips and almost everything else that the Road Master has on it. You get the full touring bike with the liquid cooled v-twin power. It actually looks pretty good also.

  8. Now if Indian would build a trike with independent rear suspension, I would be the first at the dealer’s door. I love my Harley trike but if it was an Indian, wow.

  9. Poor people sure bitch a lot.If you could afford one it would be at your house tomorrow and you and I know it.So shut up and ride what you have and enjoy it,because life is good on any motorcycle that is not broke down.Oh by the way I can’t afford one either…..Don’t make it ugly.


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