Schuberth C4 Pro Modular Helmet | Gear Review

Schuberth C4 Pro Modular Helmet.

At first glance, Schuberth’s new C4 Pro seems indistinguishable from its predecessor, the C4 (read the review here), but on closer inspection several tweaks are revealed that improve comfort and fitment and address a few grumbles from C4 owners.

The C4 Pro uses the same aerodynamic, wind tunnel-tested, proprietary Direct Fiber Processing shell as the C4 — an endless spool of fiberglass is robotically cut and blown into a mold, where resin is added and the whole lot is compressed into a high-strength shell. It also shares the C4’s large visor with Pinlock anti-fog insert pre-installed, integrated drop-down sun shield and SC1 communication system compatibility. Up top is a large vent, which now includes an inner screen to prevent bugs from getting sucked into the helmet. The chinbar opens easily and latches with a reassuring snap, but when doing so the spring-loaded vent just below the visor often pops open or closed unintentionally. Fit and finish overall is excellent, as expected from a premium brand like Schuberth.

Improvements over the C4 include a rework of the ultra-plush, removable/washable CoolMax inner liner, reducing pressure points (as we noted in our review), making the glasses groove more pronounced and lengthening the ratcheting chin strap padding so that it overlaps for more comfort. The C4 Pro, like the C4, is pre-wired with speakers and a microphone for the SC1 communication system, but the Pro gets new thinner speakers set into deeper cutouts and revised compartments for the battery and SC1 control unit that reduce wind noise and improve connectivity. The control unit itself still has small, aerodynamic buttons that can be difficult to use with gloves on. Lastly, the Pro’s neckroll was thickened, also reducing wind noise but making it a bit harder to pull on and off.

Overall the C4 Pro is a well-built helmet that prioritizes a quiet ride and, of course, safety. Fans of the C3 Pro will enjoy the changes and might be happier with fit compared to the C4; in fact, Schuberth claims the C4 Pro is the quietest, most comfortable helmet it’s ever built. Weighing in at 3 pounds, 15 ounces with the SC1 installed, my size small is both quiet and comfortable, so mission accomplished. The C4 Pro is available in five solid ($699) and nine graphic ($799) color options, in sizes XS-3XL spread over two shell sizes. 

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