Favorite Rides and Destinations Issue 8 is Here!

The Spring 2019 issue of Favorite Rides & Destinations is FREE and ready to view!

Favorite Rides & Destinations Issue #8

Favorite Rides & Destinations is the online motorcycle touring and adventure magazine from the editors of Rider. It includes touring features with printable maps, inspiring photography and gear reviews.

And it’s mobile-friendly, so it’s easy to view and read on your smartphone or tablet.

Click HERE to view Issue 8 of Favorite Rides & Destinations for FREE on your computer, smartphone or tablet. You can also view past issues.

Favorite Rides & Destinations Issue #8 Epic Ride

Highlights from Favorite Rides & Destinations Issue 8:

5 Photos of Epic Rides

Road to Wisdom
A journey of mind and motorcycles from the Midwest to the Rockies.

Chasing Dinosaurs
A fan of terrible lizards takes us on a great tour of Colorado, Utah and Wyoming.

Graded on a Curve
Reviews of products from HJC and Michelin.

Exhaust Note
Tales from the Silk Road.

And more!


  1. Why is there no ability to save/download this as a .PDF like all the other ‘Favorite Rides’? I enjoy them and save them to review and plan later rides. Having nothing but a link (which could be taken down or disabled) is not productive.


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