Indian Introduces Thunder Stroke 116, Roadmaster Dark Horse, Updates for 2020

2020 Indian Roadmaster Dark Horse
2020 Indian Roadmaster Dark Horse

Last week Indian unveiled the limited-edition Scout 100th Anniversary and new Scout Bobber Twenty as part of its mid-sized Scout cruiser lineup for 2020.

Indian’s big bikes take center stage this week, with the introduction of a larger Thunder Stroke 116 V-twin on select models, a new Roadmaster Dark Horse, a redesigned Springfield Dark Horse and other enhancements to the lineup.

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“These new features and upgrades are a result of our consistent communication with riders, listening to their feedback and incorporating it into our ongoing product development efforts,” said Reid Wilson, Vice President for Indian Motorcycle. “Today’s rider wants more power and expects cutting-edge technology. That’s exactly what we’re delivering in 2020.”

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Thunder Stroke 116 

2020 Indian Thunder Stroke 116
2020 Indian Thunder Stroke 116

For the first time in the company’s history, Indian Motorcycle will offer a 116 cubic-inch Thunder Stroke engine in select models. Straight from the factory, the new 116ci air-cooled V-twin features a new high-flow cylinder head that delivers a claimed 126 lb-ft of torque. The Thunder Stroke 116 is now standard on the Springfield Dark Horse, Chieftain, Chieftain Dark Horse, Chieftain Limited, Chieftain Elite, Roadmaster and Roadmaster Dark Horse.

The Chief Dark Horse, Chief Vintage, Chieftain Classic and Springfield are powered by the standard Thunder Stroke 111.

Ride Command with Connected Services

Indian Ride Command
Indian Ride Command

For 2020, Indian Motorcycle introduces updates to its Ride Command system with Connected Services, a completely redesigned version of its infotainment system. Still featuring a 7-inch screen with glove-touch technology, Ride Command now features a new quad-core processor to provide the fastest infotainment experience available. New connected features include traffic and weather overlays, so riders can plan their ride to avoid traffic and poor weather conditions, as well as intuitive destination search capabilities and improved customizable ride screens.

2020 Indian Roadmaster Dark Horse

2020 Indian Roadmaster Dark Horse
2020 Indian Roadmaster Dark Horse

Drawing inspiration from the Chieftain Dark Horse, the Roadmaster Dark Horse brings a modern and aggressive attitude to Indian’s luxury touring motorcycle. With blacked-out finishes and just enough chrome to stand out from the 2020 lineup, the Roadmaster Dark Horse features a streamlined fairing, slammed saddlebags, a 19-inch front wheel with an open fender, an extended-reach rogue gunfighter seat, a blacked-out engine and matte paint color schemes. It’s powered by the new Thunder Stroke 116, and premium touring amenities include a touring trunk, fairing lowers, heated grips and a mid-adjustable windscreen.

Pricing for the 2020 Roadmaster Dark Horse starts at $28,999, and it will be available in Thunder Black Smoke, White Smoke and Ruby Smoke (shown).

2020 Indian Springfield Dark Horse

2020 Indian Springfield Dark Horse
2020 Indian Springfield Dark Horse

Following positive rider feedback from the 2020 Jack Daniel’s Limited Edition Indian Springfield Dark Horse that was launched at Daytona Bike Week, Indian is now offering a similar design package for the 2020 Springfield Dark Horse. While the Thunder Stroke 116 delivers unrivaled power, the bike gains an enormous level of attitude with slammed saddlebags, a rogue seat, 12-inch mini apes and premium blacked-out finishes.

Pricing for the 2020 Springfield Dark Horse starts at $22,499, and it will be available in Thunder Black Smoke (shown), Sagebrush Smoke and White Smoke.

2020 Indian Chieftain Elite

2020 Indian Chieftain Elite
2020 Indian Chieftain Elite

As it has with previous iterations, the Chieftain Elite is an ultra-premium bagger that combines style, technology and performance. The 2020 Chieftain Elite gets the Thunder Stroke 116 and the PowerBand Audio Plus system with integrated fairing and saddlebag speakers. The 2020 Chieftain Elite’s premium styling includes a two-tone Thunder Black Vivid Crystal over Wildfire Candy paint with matching motor highlights and badging, precision machined elite wheels, pinnacle mirrors, select rider floorboards and a flare windshield.

Pricing for the 2020 Chieftain Elite starts at $34,999, and it will be available in Thunder Black Vivid Crystal over Wildfire Red Candy.

Other 2020 Updates & Pricing

Furthermore, the 2020 Thunder Stroke lineup features additional updates. The Chief Dark Horse and Chief Vintage will now share the same chassis as the Springfield and Springfield Dark Horse, delivering improved handling and adjustable rear suspension. The Springfield and Chief Dark Horse will come standard with a 17-inch front wheel for improved stability. And the 2020 Roadmaster receives a lighter weight and redesigned trunk rack for added style.

Pricing and color options for other 2020 Thunder Stroke models are as follows:

  • Chief Dark Horse, starting at $18,499: Thunder Black Smoke
  • Chief Vintage, starting at $19,999: Thunder Black; Willow Green over Ivory Cream
  • Springfield, starting at $20,999: Thunder Black; Burgundy Metallic over Titanium Metallic
  • Chieftain, starting at $21,999: Thunder Black; Titanium Smoke
  • Chieftain Classic, starting at $25,499: Thunder Black; Deepwater Metallic over Dirt Track Tan
  • Chieftain Dark Horse, starting at $27,999: Thunder Black Smoke; Ruby Smoke; Titanium Smoke
  • Chieftain Limited, starting at $27,999: Thunder Black Pearl; Radar Blue; Thunder Black Pearl with graphics package
  • Roadmaster, starting at $29,999: Thunder Black; Burgundy Metallic; Pearl White over Titanium Metallic with black pinstripe; Titanium Smoke over Thunder Black Smoke with silver pinstripe


  1. Who knows why, but Indian’s entertainment system is lacking Sirius-XM, a must-have companion on the open road. Is there a beef between Polaris and Sirius-XM?

  2. The Indian lineup continues to look more and more like a bunch of Harley knock-offs. Ah, well. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

  3. Really? How are the Scout or the FTR1200 — both powered by liquid-cooled, four-valve-per-cylinder, DOHC 60-degree V Twins — in any way a “knock off” of anything from the Milwaukee marque? Or the forthcoming Challenger machines?

  4. I believe “slammed” refers to lowered or enlarged, maybe both? I’ve heard Victory refer to their Magnum as having a “slammed” rear end, and it seems to be much lower then the non magnum Cross Country model. Goofy I agree. Rogue gunfighter, have no clue…


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