HJC RPHA 70 ST Helmet | Gear Review

The RPHA 70 ST is HJC’s newest sport-touring lid.

HJC makes a lot of helmets–more than one million per year in four factories in South Korea and Vietnam, according to the company website. At the upper end of its product range is the RPHA lineup (Revolutionary Performance Helmet Advanced, pronounced “are-fah”), which includes two sport-touring helmets and two street/racing helmets. The RPHA 70 ST is the newer of the two sport-touring models, and there’s much to like about this sharp-looking lid. 

The shell is made from HJC’s P.I.M. Plus, which comprises several layers of aramid, fiberglass and carbon material. A large central vent up top is easy to adjust into one of its three positions with gloves on, and two rear exhaust vents are small but also fairly easy to use. The scratch-resistant, tool-free, Pinlock-ready shield has a central open/close latch that trades sleekness for functionality–fine for a sport-touring lid–but I wish it had a slightly larger initial “vent” opening.

The integrated drop-down sun shield is also easy to use via the slider at the bottom of the chinbar. I installed a Sena 10C Pro Bluetooth communicator/action camera on my RPHA 70 ST, and the speakers were a snap to position thanks to the helmet’s large recesses that came with soft “loop” fabric ready for the “hooks” on the backs of the Sena’s speakers.

I’m usually a size small, and my RPHA 70 ST’s fit around the cheeks is on the snug side, but I prefer it that way; multiple sizes of the removable/washable cheekpads and top liner are available to dial-in fit. The neckroll fit is tight as well, making for a fairly quiet ride, and I appreciate the large reflective sections at the back for nighttime visibility. A large breath deflector and a chin curtain are included.

At 3 pounds, 8 ounces, my small RPHA 70 ST is on par with competitive lids. It’s DOT- and ECE-approved and carries a 5-year warranty, and is available in sizes XS-2XL spread across three shell sizes. Pricing starts at $399.99 for solids and $440.99 for graphics. If you’re feeling super, an Iron Man or Black Panther graphic is available for $609.99.

For more information, see your dealer or visit hjchelmets.com.


  1. I run one of these now. I don’t have boatloads of experience, but I’ve owned about seven different helmets over the years. This is by far the quietest helmet I’ve ever owned, including my Shoei. Best ventilation too. When you open that top vent, you can actually feel the air coming in. best overall helmet I’ve owned so far.

  2. I’m running it’s big brother the RPHA 90 modular – same/similar venting and sunshade. I can agree with the fantastic ventilation – a well crafted helmet, just as nice as my Shoei (now retired). HJC really has stepped up their game.

  3. Very disappointed with the performance of this helmet. In colder climates, visor fogs up way to easy, my prescription glasses fog up and won’t clear even with visor up, the visor won’t stay up high enough, will drop down so edge of visor distorts vision, also leaks cold air around mouth and checks, strap is harsh, there are already marks on helmet, and visor even after taking extreme care with it…

    • I’ve solved fogging issues with all my helmets. Essentially with a snorkel. I just grabbed a length of soft plastic hose I had around, about 1/2 inch diameter, cut a 5 inch piece, and carry it in my jacket pocket. I commute to work early in the morning, about 5:30 a.m. When it’s cold out, I put the tube in my mouth, and the end hangs out below the chin bar. No more fogging. At all. Zero. And I have no problem holding the tube between my teeth – it’s soft, clean, and easy. Some places actually sell snorkels with mouthpieces, but who needs ’em? Mine was free.

  4. I purchases a HJC RPHA 70 about 9 months ago. Initially I was impressed with the vents and the shape of the helmet, plus the sound blocking chin pads. However, I find the chin strap cuts into my jaw bone on the left hand side, this becomes quite uncomfortable after a while. Also one of the biggest issues I have been having is the sun visor gets jammed constantly. I have returned it once to get the issue fixed, which it was, however, it is happening again. The slide lifer for the sun visor only slides part way., hence to say this will be the second time it will be fixed. I believe I am not the only person that has had the same issue. Not happy.

  5. which shell size does the size medium size fall into out of the 3 shell sizes? which sizes fit into which shell size? thank you.


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