Sena 10C Pro Bluetooth Communicator and Action Camera | Gear Review

Sena 10C Pro installed on an HJC full-face helmet.
Sena 10C Pro installed on an HJC full-face helmet.

For the last three years, I’ve used Sena’s 10C to record my adventures, communicate with my riding companions, listen to my GPS and occasionally take phone calls. I like it because it simplifies my life: an action camera and Bluetooth helmet communicator in one, with the caveat that it’s a better communicator than camera. With the 10C Pro, Sena has upped its camera game and, while it’s still not up to the levels of the latest and greatest dedicated action cameras, the Pro is a solid improvement over the original.

Communicator features are mostly unchanged: the 10C Pro can connect with up to three other riders using Sena products, or one non-Sena user, and it pairs with your phone, GPS or motorcycle via Bluetooth 4.1. I found pairing to be fuss-free and straightforward, and the unit gives you voice prompts to let you know it’s working. Voice audio quality is quite good, to the point where I’ve had phone conversations and the other person couldn’t tell I was riding a motorcycle (I use the 10C Pro in a full-face helmet).

Sena 10C Pro installed on an HJC full-face helmet.
The 10C Pro is easy to adjust both vertically and horizontally for the best picture.

Camera functions, meanwhile, have been improved. The Pro can now shoot 2K video in QuadHD (1440p/30fps or 1080p/60fps) at a resolution of 3.7 megapixels and a 16:9 aspect ratio, and it has an increased 135-degree field of view. One of my favorite features of the 10C is its ability to record not just video, but also my voice and those of riders I’m connected with. The Pro steps up its game by adding in switchable Smart Audio Mix, which mixes in music that I’m listening to from my phone along with the intercom audio, and Advanced Noise Control, which reduces background noise. On a street ride I leave the ANC enabled to cut wind noise, but off-road I can disable it to allow the burble of the exhaust to be heard.

The other huge improvement is the ability to preview video and download files to my phone using the new Sena Camera App. It’s always been easy to adjust the vertical angle and 30-degree rotation of the 10C’s camera lens to achieve the ideal frame, but I had to wait until I got home and could watch the video to see how well I did. With the Pro, I can preview my camera lens angle and make sure I’ve got it framed perfectly before setting out.

Sena app screenshot
Using the Sena app, you can preview the camera angle and photos/videos, and download them to your phone for easy sharing.

With its big buttons and jog dial, I’ve found the 10C Pro to be easy to use with gloves on. Battery life is similar to the original 10C: it lasts a whole 10-hour day on intercom, but heavy camera use will sap that quickly. If you have a long enough cord it can be charged while in use, or shut it off and give it about 3.5 hours to fully recharge. If you don’t need 4K video quality and like the two-in-one concept, the 10C Pro now has the features and improvements that make it an attractive choice, and at $349 it’s a lot of whiz-bang for the buck. 

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  1. Stabilization is needed for this camera while in video mode and the cord power connection location is not suited for high winds. The cord connection starts to bend/ break. Overall I really like the complete setup, especially the phone, and speaker setup. Sena C10.

  2. I wanted to thank you for your review of the Sena 10C Pro. I concur on having a 1-stop shop for video/communications and camera.
    I purchased my 10C Pro in January of 2019. After about 25,000 miles, the connector between the headset and the unit gave way. Note: I ride long distances and without a windshield. Upon leaving for Sturgis in August, my mic began to crackle LOUDLY on video and when talking on the phone/comms, and then I lost the left speaker, and finally, the right speaker. While in Sturgis the Sena reps totally hooked me up with a demo unit so I could get home with sound.
    After another 10,000 miles on the demo unit, the microphone is beginning to crackle again. I’m pretty sure the culprit is the connection point with the unit.
    With everything under warranty, I will start fresh with a new unit and see what happens. I hope they will work out these kinks in their new releases, because I love this product. their customer service just can’t be beat.

    • So now its over 18 months since your review of the sena 10c PTO. Your unit was to be replaced under warranty.
      What is you most recent experience ? Still going strong ?


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